Happy to Be Me!

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What do you want to know about me?
What about me will please thee?
I am another normal human being,
With flaws and scars of my own.

Yes, I am not the same everyday,
I learn and change every moment,
I am working towards getting a bit better,
Better than my yesterdays in many ways!

I am not here to impress anyone,
Nor am I here to compromise myself for anyone,
I am learning to be me,
The only way for me to be!

It’s okay if you don’t like me,
It is alright to compete too,
I will give you the benefit of doubt,
To learn for yourself who I am!

I am happy with people,
But I am happy when alone too,
Do not mistake my silence for dislike,
I like to think a lot and talk to myself.

As nuts as I may seem,
I am happy to be me,
Very much indeed as I age,
I love my own company!

I trust my own lot,
I have my own tribe,
Who do not judge me for my words,
But know my heart!

I love to talk to new people,
I still talk my mind out there,
If you find it offensive,
I’m okay to stay away!

Never will I apologise for being me,
Neither will I bother about breaking ties,
For I strongly believe it is better to stay alone,
Than in a toxic company!

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