Can It Get Any Lonelier?

A room full of gifts and pictures,
Bright and grand,
But all I ever did was sat in a corner,
Gazed into the ceiling and thought what you were doing?

I thought my lonely days were over,
When you came into my life,
Why does it get more lonelier 
when you are not on my side?

Nights as I know were meant to rest an exhausted me,
But as every thought settles and calms,
I miss thee!

A bed so big, 
Suddenly seems lonely than ever,
As I lie on it all I could think of is 
it would fit you right!

I never knew I could cherish pain,
I never knew I could relate with god and love till you came,
I never knew you will break my walls and we can see each other without fear,
I believed in heart over head,
But followed head over heart and failed in my dreams,
You made me follow my heart,
Not just once!
You’ve made me love Love itself!

I smiled at that thought,
There is hope, for a tomorrow with you,
There is faith, to see you straight,
There is strength, to fight till the end,
There is belief, to hold on to you,
There is courage, to stand by you,
I have to believe that I will wake up tomorrow 
so that I could join your hands soon!
Death stay away, 
for I’m waiting to join my man! 
To live with him and then to die! 

Hold my hands!
Walk with me!
We’ll walk our land of dreams together!
Together we can grow and be there for each other!
Playing all the time,
Being there for each other now and forever!

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