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My Journey of Life

I have graduated and moved on to a corporate life. The difference has not sunk in yet. However there has been a phenomenal change in the way people view me for the past few months. Times have changed. They now consider me an adult who has the capacity to make ….

Brightstorm – Online courses for students.

Sat is an exam that has every high school student in tremors. There is a lot of math to be learnt. Students need to be well prepared to take the exam. Tensions run high on the day of the exam. Irrespective of the outcome students under go a phenomenal amount ….

Holiday Eyeglass Frames

The one thing i love in my fashion accessory list is eye glasses. I believe eye glasses provide me with a personality that is far above what normal make up can provide any girl with. Eye glasses can typically change the persona within you in a matter of seconds. If ….


This is the day of the year when we all dream of the year that was. Today we not only do preparations for the year to come but also think about the year that went by. It might have gone by in a flash or it might have gone like ….

Wishes being granted

It is the festive season of Christmas. All the children out there would love to sit on Santa’s Lap. Well i bet all of you out there would have got a wish Then all you have to do is visit http://www.sitonsantaslap.com/?utm_source=b . It is a great site where you can ….


I love to travel a lot. I have been to many places. I have been to UK, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Belgium etc. These places are extremely cool places to visit if you plan well in advance. If you could get a guide who is pretty friendly then you will definitely ….

Business and Personal Loans

If you need small business loans then things are pretty easy for you. You can get unsecured personal loans, business financing or start up loans. With banks making it harder to obtain loans , there is now an easy process to get loans. No application fees required, no assets or ….

Have Fun

All you people out there., this is the season for having fun. So all of you rock. Have nice time.

I love this season

This time of the year has always been my favorite. It snows and the mood is excellent. i love the candy that santa offers. My favourite has always been the pepperoni pizzas. they just rock. I wish Santa could get me a year long free paid home service of Pizzas ….