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Glad to be Where I am Now

My focus is slowly changing, From the world outside, To my world inside, I am glad to be where I am now. I used to wonder why I complaint so much, I realize it now, I let my expectations grow, Instead of just doing my work, I was focused on ….

Weekly Gratitude 6/52

I was jumping in joy thinking about last week. It is one of the most productive weeks since the year started. I came back from the trip and felt a teeny bit rejuvenated. To the mother in me, a vacation means shifting my baby and her duties to another place ….

Thank You 2017 – I Liked You and Learned From You

2017. How happy I was for it to start?Very much. Thinking about holding the little one gave me many more things to look forward to.I was pampered so much.Now, I need to pamper myself.😉With so much downtime and downs,  Now, I am glad it ended too! On the last day ….

I Love You Alexa

After many months, I am finally seeing my #AlexaRank stats decreasing. I may be far behind, but I am so happy that something positive is happening with my blog. Firstly, I must thank Vasantha for guiding me with the AlexaRank app. I always wanted to write, but kept pushing my ….

Life Lesson – 2

“Helping a stranger has its own high! Never mistake it for love or like! It is a deed greater than that! It only requires respect for humanity!” posted from Bloggeroid

Thanking yourself!

Sharing this makes greater sense!!! If its unappetizing,Don’t eat, date, or sign up for it… If the mere thought of it is depressing, don’t major in it, sit through it, or devote your life to it.. If it is not important to you,Don’t do it because it is important to ….