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We miss you Sir!

Our very own Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Saab passed away yesterday during a lecture at IIM, Shillong! This is a big loss to India and to each and every indian! To the world in fact, if you know him!I have not personally met him but he has connected himself with ….

Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge is one of the best things that happened to me.. When simple challenges become simple habits added into my everyday then it becomes wonderful..And meeting positive people is one of the biggest speciality.. Being hugged at a soul level is pleasant.. Without having met anyone in person, it ….

Kavi azhagu

Pala murai woman empowerment pathi pesi irupoam. Aanal enaku adhan nokkam enna vendru puriyavillai. Adhu eppadi niraivaaga irukum enbadhum vilangavillai. Bharathiyin kavidhaigal sillavatrai padikum bodhu vegamum varum adhanodhu vivegam adnangu irukum adhan azhagae azhagu. Gnanam pala murai amaidiyil varum endru kooruvaargal. Adhu ivarai pondra kavignarin kavidhaiyai kaadhalithaal thaan varum.. Abdul ….

Super star Rajini enrendrum vazhga!!

All the Rajini fans….. Thalaiva…If there is one living legend then that is Rajini. I feel he is a Karmayogi. At an age where everyone decides to lead a comfortable life, Rajini has chosen to act for the people!Hats off.. I still smile at the way Superstar dances but above ….

The Fitness Factor

Is being lean equal to being fit? Not at all. Some are blessed with a lean figure. I have “always” heard people ask “why should you go to gym, you are lean.”“Gym is a waste of money, do the work at home, that will help a great deal.” Folks, one ….

Feeling blessed!

Feeling blessed to be at a food fest and also cooking lessons and tips! :* I love my life! Vada pav with the mouth watering chutney just like the Bombay walla! And chilli bajji in Hyderabad style! Thanks so much for this wonderful love lord.

AHaikuADay: Straw Mat

Children playing picnic, Tents built, Straw mats lying, total comfort. ————————————— Straw mat,  the only remains from the floods, The old lady hugging it close. This Haiku is written for A Haiku A Day. Prompt: Straw mat

Presenting before you, My Past life Analysis..

Found this website in a random blog.Pretty interesting. But not sure why am I the poison manufacturer! :S If there’s some good thing about this, fine then. (I am not aware though! :|)Stop cursing me!! I really dont know the ingredients also! 😉I love the implanting hope in people part! ….

Oru deivam thanda Poo! :)

Super Excited!!I just came by to drop a very small post to say that I am really super happy coz my cousin sister gave birth to a boy baby on the 11th of July! 😀I’m his aunt(athai), though i’ve kinda 😛 threatened her to make him call me only akka(didi,elder ….