Thank You 2017 – I Liked You and Learned From You


How happy I was for it to start?
Very much.
Thinking about holding the little one gave me many more things to look forward to.
I was pampered so much.
Now, I need to pamper myself.?
With so much downtime and downs, 
Now, I am glad it ended too!
On the last day and last weekend of 2017, I write this post to thank this year for all the ups and downs that had come my way. I had a close to heart beginning and an end this year. Turned 30 this year. Ain’t it the beginning of life?
One reason to celebrate

Celebrations started right from the beginning of this year. My last 5 months of pregnancy were the first five months of this year. Almost 3 baby showers this year and I feel like I was dressed up all the time.  The next seven months was all baby time and I didn’t even know where I left all my dresses!
One reason to be happy about

Ilakkiya is such a cute baby and I couldn’t help but admire her. She has already started teaching me enough lessons. 7 months just flew by and I am not just happy about the whole experience, but on cloud nine too. I hadn’t blogged for almost a year. It’s my daughter who has made me know the importance of time and I am glad I write more after her. She has taught me the value of time, moments like these, fill my mind and my blog space with good posts.
One reason to enjoy reading

I had too many mood swings during pregnancy, I hardly read any books. The only book that I kept handy was “What to Expect during your pregnancy”. That was the only book I read and I read it like gospel. One month at a time as and when needed. After delivery, I am trying to read “The Fountainhead”. Yes, if I complete a page a day that’s great success. Anyway, I am glad I could read a page a week, but even that makes it all good. Come on, my moments with my little one will never come back. So, I am so happy I get to read/write when she sleeps. Just like now.
One thing that bothered Me

This year I have complained so much. Like 365 days wasn’t enough and 24 hours wasn’t even a fit. Even as this year closes by, I have complained about a few things and people in the morning. Truly, this year has been the year I have complained the most. In all my 30 years, this is the only year I have complained the most. So much so that I have set a day or two to be away from complaints. I must work on that. I have not felt drained though, but I am sure it will have its side effects. I want it to end right here.
One thing I am learning

I am slowly learning to manage the home. It really isn’t easy because I am not a consistent person. The chore list doesn’t really end. It only grows. I actually feel bored quick. That is the first reason, I chose the word for 2018. So I can stick to it without my mind running in a hundred different directions. This is also the actual reason why my 2017 stands high in complaints.
One thing I am thankful for

My family has been very kind to me in many ways than I give them credit. Though they are also the reason I complaint or get mad, they are also the reason for some of my smiling. I am thankful for the good moments they have given me. In all the 5 months after delivery I spent at Mom’s place, I have loved, lived and enjoyed like never before. My husband has been very understanding and did more chores than I did this year along with the office work. He has been very kind and offered a helping hand in more things at home than I thought he would. I really appreciate when men help.

One thing that I changed

I usually talk a lot. Being straightforward and honest was how I was. Many of my on the face comments came as rude to even the closest people. I have changed that. I give suggestions when asked, but if not taken I try to leave it at that. Also, I have found there is always a subtle way to point out things. I am learning that and also trying to talk that way. Many people try to put me in their league because of the comments I offered now after the change. I am learning how to handle the unnecessary emotional baggage that many carry and when they shower it on me, I don’t know to handle it. I am learning that as well, to see people as people and emotions as just that. A very long way to go.

One thing I want to do

Stay away from toxic people. Some people repeat sorry stories that are not just saddening, but also draining. I really want to stay away from that drama. I cannot handle too much drama.
One thing I am proud of

Being amongst the top 5 finalist list for Orange flower awards in the poetry category is the beginning of my new phase as a poetess and writer. I am glad there is something to turn to when nothing else seems to be working out. I am also happy to find some new bloggers this year from whom I have learnt so much than so many years of blogging before. I love you guys! I have thanked them before and I will thank them always!
One thing to be grateful for

Gratitude with Upasna and Vidya changed so much for me this year. I am not just thankful for the changes I saw in two months, but also how happy I am about her app coming out soon. Blogchatter project has helped me write about my pets. Write Tribe challenge was the first though to encourage me to Just Write. I am thankful for that as well.
One thing I wanted to do but didn’t

Gratitude daily journal, gratitude pie and FMS December challenge. All relates to social media. I couldn’t proceed more daily tasks and I don’t want to write the excuses I gave myself. 
One person I am glad to have in my life

My grandmother! My maternal grandmother. I know she is old, she forgets a lot and also annoys me sometimes. However, at 83 she is the best gift for my daughter. To have a great grandmother who loves my daughter so much more and cherishes every moment is such a beauty to watch.
One new platform I used this year

Instagram is so lovely. I like it and feel it has a personal touch than Facebook. I have used it and liked it and recommend it to my friends who have started feeling FB is bugging them!

I am thankful for so many moments this year. So many new people and new experiences this year had given me. Good or bad, it is a learning and it has just made me see something about me that I haven’t seen before. Thanks 2017.

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16 Comments on “Thank You 2017 – I Liked You and Learned From You”

  1. Hey Jayanthy, I enjoyed this post a lot. I too turned 30 this year. While you could not do much blogging, I really admire your poetry. Its so realistic. Mainly the ones that you weaved around Motherhood. I am so thankful to you as you joined me with Gratitude Pie. Promising to make App available as soon as possible. Thanks again. Happy New Year. Congrats on the recognition for your poetry.

  2. You are so inspiring, enjoyed reading your post, congrats for the orange flower finalist award. Glad to hear about instagram.. never tried, after reading your post, feel like learning to post on instagram too. Wishing you a great year ahead !

  3. Sounds like a happy and blissful 2017. Your gratitude list was warm and made me smile.
    Congrats on being a finalist and I am glad your little one is keeping your heart warm. Btw – loved her name. very unique. Wish you a great 2018! Keep shining!

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