What’s Your Word for 2018?

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Landed in 2018.

I am still surprised how this year started. I slept earlier than usual on the New Year’s Eve. Usually I stay up until midnight or much late into the night, wish everyone, visit the Ganesha temple near home and then sleep. I would wake up around 9 or 10 in the morning. However, this year, I was tired by 10.30 pm. I had traveled from Mom’s place to my MIL’s to celebrate here with all. I bid good night by 10 pm and before I knew it we were fast asleep. 
You wondering what’s the word here?
That was how my New Year started. Early to bed, good sleep and a happy morning.
But, let’s see what my word is. Read ok.

I liked the idea of working with a word a whole year after reading a few bloggers. My New Year resolutions have never crossed the mid of January until now. I have even debated about Why Bother About New Year Resolutions when we can live life as it happens each day. Sometimes, many times, I have had days where I did not know what to do, but sit and browse all videos and related videos whole day. You know that never solved my dull days, it just made it more comfortable for me to sulk. When we don’t know what to do, imagine what I will watch? Friends, back to back and any series to keep me forget everything. I figured out I do that too much all of a sudden and wondered will I ever accept my fears and change.

That’s when the idea of a Word for a whole year looked convincing. My 365 days would be focused on one single word. I am not a consistent person and I am glad to accept it in my recent posts. I get bored very quickly. I understood that’s why my resolutions failed. I had to repeat the same thing all over and I never managed to entertain myself in the process. After reading posts, I sat down and thought about my word. There were few good and comforting words that popped immediately. I loved the comfort it gave me, but I wasn’t looking for just comfort, but change. So, I took a little more time to decide my word. And it’s here.

My Word Of The Year is SIMPLIFY.

Word Of The Year – 2018


My room is my motivation for change. My husband and I live in a 10 x 10 room. We live with my in-laws. They had agreed to shift into this room and give us the master bedroom. We denied. We felt this room was cozy and cute for us. We had a nice time watching movies and chilling in our room. We had an issue with the bed in our room. I wasn’t convinced about the bed and suggested it be removed. I was pregnant and I was told, I will need the bed very much. I wasn’t convinced that time either, but left it at that. Now, with the baby, I feel my room is the smallest and over-crowded. It lead to some arguments which brought no change. I started feeling uncomfortable and suffocating and was worried if the baby will also start feeling the same, if this continues.

My feelings were chaotic and so was my room. When Hubby came from office, he was annoyed at how the room looked. Simply put, it was a mess. Even I never felt I wanted to sleep there, I didn’t take the baby inside. He is a OCD guy and that looked like hell on earth. ?? I politely suggested we remove the bed. He agreed. When we removed it, he couldn’t believe the space we got. We planned on a keeping it simple, but it never happened. This was the ideal time. I am glad about the change. Agreeing to chaos brings change.

When I decided this as my WOTY, I was happy and I could see how aligned it is to my life. Bringing back the coziness of the room with some rearrangements which we love is one of the basic things for a daily living. I have given away most of the things from my room and I have a shelf in my cupboard empty.



When it comes to my thoughts, I definitely think too much. I don’t like too much emotional baggage. I cry when I feel like it and complaint when I feel like it too. That’s one of the reasons I never took my complaining seriously. I felt it had value when I did, but over the years, it has become a habit. I knew it had to end somewhere. I argue when I am supposed to be silent and let it go. I couldn’t really figure out the difference between talking and arguing. I need to SILENCE THE MIND. 


I don’t buy a lot. Then you think why I think of it. I will tell you my problem. I am gifted/given many things that I don’t need. Out of sheer respect, I keep them. That’s the main reason for my shelves getting cluttered quick. I have almost 10 new purses and I hardly use three of it. Tell me what I must do with the rest? I am still thinking and I guess I will post about these too in the upcoming posts.  GIVEAWAY is the best idea. To people who really need one of them. It isn’t just about a purse.  It is about getting back to basics.


My days start as early as 8 or 9 in the morning. Okay, don’t quit reading, early birds. I know what you are thinking! I realized 1/4th of my day is already gone and I couldn’t really accomplish what I want to do in a day. Everything was delayed. Slowly, but steadily, I will join THE 6 AM CLUB this year. I love what I can accomplish when I wake up early. I feel it is also the best time to write down my posts.


Now that I wake early, the silence of the house is appealing. My little one has her dad lying down like a rock next to her and that helps me put on my earphones and listen to some RELAXING MUSIC while I do MY BREATHING AND STRETCHING to prepare myself for the day ahead. I feel so much better with these basic routine for a start.


There are a few things I love to do, Doodling and Cooking. I hardly make time for them, I have changed my social media schedule because this year, I am all in the “DOING“.  I love the time I spend on Instagram, but I am planning scheduling time for it too.


I have this project for my home and self improvement. I clear out one thing a day and 365 things go out of my house this year. Updates will come by in posts.


The two keywords that will make me a better person this year. I know there are many voices in my head. I am also used to certain conversations and people in my life even before they talk, I know what they are going to talk about again. I choose to LISTEN to new ideas and remain TRAIN MY MIND to say NO when needed. I am working on politely denying being the dump bin to a few who carry too much emotional baggage.

I would love to know yours!

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9 Comments on “What’s Your Word for 2018?”

  1. I hadn't thought of a word for the year but I think maybe "hopeful." Last year, I gave up hope. This year, I am determined to reclaim it, to renew my natural optimism, and to have the energy to make some big changes to my life. Thank you for getting me to think about it. That was a really excellent, thought-provoking blog post.

  2. I know of other friend who has chosen the same word and it makes so much sense. Simplify is something we need to imbibe on a daily basis and I love the way you have spinned a story for it. I'm glad you were able to declutter and get some space. It was simple, wasn't it?

    I chose the word 'Survive' for this year, because that was of most importance to me after last year.

  3. Such a gorgeous word and so perfectly aligned with your overall purpose, Jayanthy! I am all for minimalism and reducing clutter, so that's a big thumbs-up from me too!

    The idea of an empty shelf is fantastic and JUST what Gretchen Rubin recommends in her 'The Happiness Project'. It keeps you aware of the need for less and how less is more. Gorgeous.

    YAY, join the 6 AM club. But since the baby is still small, don't worry if you can't stick to it in the beginning. Baby steps and you will get there.

    Wishing you a lovely, fulfilling and simplified 2018 🙂

  4. Such a beautiful word Alice. It is worth pursuing it. Go on, reclaim it. All the best and kudos in choosing a wonderful word this year.Thanks so much for dropping by.

  5. Thanks a lot Soumya. It was tough in the beginning to clear up things, but yes, I didn't really think much after giving away. It is easy to live without those too. You have a significant word and I am sure you will survive with kindness this year.

  6. Thanks a lot, Shailaja. Definitely, less is the new more. Sometimes I need to scratch my head to throw a thing or two and other days, it just happens. I try to keep with the morning schedule in a flexible way. I am sure that will help me take the baby steps you are telling me. ?

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