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The Time to Heal

On some days it is not easy to smile,

With so many things clouding my mind,

Infinite questions without any answers,

Breaking the calm that I always wanted,

DO I need to give me some more time to heal?


It breaks my being to have trusted some,

Though I know in my deepest instincts,

Those are some of the finest lessons I learnt,

Still, it hurts like the first time when I hear someone talk,

Do I need to give me some more time to heal?


I thought talking about it heals it quickly,

I was only judged more for what I told,

I don’t want to be told it’s already late,

Or what is the reason to think about it often,

Do I need to give me some more time to heal?


I am slowly back to my shell again,

I have felt offended and vulnerable,

When I talk about my hurts and pains,

I have survived nightmares all by myself,

I know I deserve the time to heal.


I am learning to trust myself again,

I’ve done good and bad equally,

I am not going to deny anything I have done,

But accept them as my human flaws,

So I can heal some day in a better way.


It is okay for me not to be available always,

It is okay for me to take time to respond,

It is okay for me to sit back and see,

That things still happen without me,

Just the way it should be.


I am coming to terms with unresolved conflicts,

I am able to understand everything takes its own time,

Sometimes hours, days or years to heal,

It really doesn’t matter how long,

As far as I am healing beautifully.

Jayanthy Govindarajan

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Shilpa Garg

Healing is only effective when we give ourselves the time for it to work. It is an inside job and we all have that courage and strength to heal ourselves, though sometimes we have to dig a little to find it.


The last stanza was beautiful. It’s okay to take your time to heal. There is no set time to heal and we don’t need anyone to say that it’s time to move on, because it will happen as we begin to heal gently.
Lovely poem, Jayanthy.

Shilpa Gupte

Healing takes place, but at its own pace. Sometimes, we wonder if we will ever heal from certain wounds, but we do. All we need to do is leave it to the Universe and to Time, trust them to do their best, and trust ourselves to get healed.
Loved this poem, Jaya!


Healing takes its own time and space. Lovely lines, Jayanthy.

pushpendra dwivedi

very nice beautiful lines keep writing