Life is Certainly Beautiful

Did you read my post on Scared Dreams? That was pain in a few words. However, just like pain, there is a need to place a strong foot on hope too. This post is about dreaming a life of togetherness and finally making it.

It is 8 weeks since I came to London. It is definitely a memorable one. The three of us are cherishing this time as our precious moments together. We have never had our share of time since our wedding.

Since my pregnancy, my husband is on frequent travel. That was okay for me as I needed some break due to pregnancy mood swings. My pregnancy was easy because of the undue support and effort my husband had provided me. He listened to all cues, right from my need of frequent massages till my pregnancy cravings, he spent his time with me without hesitation.

Even in the delivery room, he held my hand and joked about why I should try a bit more to push the baby. Okay, the joke is, I told it’s okay for the baby to stay inside and come when she pleases. He looked at me and I knew what he was thinking, “hey no OB(daydreaming and let things be) in this, Push the baby out.”

Once his on-site was confirmed my life flipped big time. Ilakkiya was 15 months old when his long term travel was confirmed. We never expected our little one would miss her father so much. As adults, we missed each other so much, why did we think a child wouldn’t know is beyond my understanding. When people tell old stories of how they lived, I must just listen not take it personally and overdo it. A lesson I learnt that year.

Personally, it wasn’t a easy journey for me. The emotional and mental pressure I had in the last 8 months will take a long time to heal. Finally London happened after too much trouble. We’ve never spent so much time together since our wedding. Neither did baby girl spend enough time with her father the whole of last year. All the three of us had rough patches that we are healing together by spending our time together now.

One of the most difficult thing is staying away from your partner when all you want is just to stay together. When it finally happens, I cannot really say how blessed we feel for this opportunity.

Though it’s our basic right to stay together, at times situations never let us be. It’s a pain of its own. I’ve seen my aunts and uncles stay away from each other for long due to work way back in the early 80s and 90s. Those were the times of trunk calls and letters.

Though our situation is far better today for which I am definitely thankful. Even though times have changed there are still major moments where we could only wish we could stay together.

I don’t know if I want to call life as unfair. It is because even through all the troubles, it gives me these small moments to hold on to and live them like there is no tomorrow. When people ask me if I’ve visited half of London already, I could only smile.

At times, we feel just staying together and spending our time talking with each other counts more to us than roaming every street in this place. Sure, we want to roam every nook and corner of London, but mostly I just want to sit by his side and sip a cup of coffee (black, that’s our favourite now and talk all about it) or eat our favourite food or simply watch a movie together. There was never the good old time in our lives, we are just creating it so we could call it that in our future.

Ilakkiya is having a ball with her dad and I am just happy to see them bonding so well. The three of us finally together, blurring rest of the world. I’m not sure if I’m going to be tired of this soon(which I know I won’t), but I’m surely going to have fun with this as long as I can. Moments like these will never come back. I want this to be deeply etched in my veins. We are lucky to taste the summer in London now and drench ourselves in the cool air and longer days.

Ilakkiya had a high temperature one week and I had my conjunctivitis on the other. Though I was worried about the slow medical support here, it did not affect my need to be together. Mainly because we don’t know what it is like to spend time together without any interference. We love this time together so dearly because we always knew we would enjoy it.

We know we can’t go on like this for a long time, so until October, we’ll dwell on this dream life which has come true and cherish on it for the next few months. God bless.

To all those staying away from their partner, may you meet them soon and cherish your time together. ❤️

As we celebrate our 3rd Anniversary together, I thought it would be a way to thank my husband for constantly being my pillar of support and pushing me to break my own barriers and face the world in a stronger way.

P.S: He started 2 days after our 2nd anniversary last year. In tears last year and in joy this year. Life is certainly Beautiful.

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8 Comments on “Life is Certainly Beautiful”

  1. I could well relate to this, dear. I can really feel your pain and joy. As we are still facing this. We too enjoyed the happiness of we three alone while Vivek was at South Africa. Those moments were unforgettable sweet memories.

    And you know, now also myself and Mithu are at Kovilpatti while Vivek is at Chennai for many family reasons. But no regrets for us. We are flowing in the way as our life flow. And I strongly believe, this longing and being far away most times have brought us much closer and more loving. Thanks for all. Yes, life is certainly beautiful.

    Enjoy your time of togetherness more romantically, more creatively and more surprisingly. Stay loved and blessed always, dear!

    1. Thanks a lot Vasantha. I hear you, too! I wish we all get to stay with our partner irrespective of the problems. True that we get closer through long distance, but I really want to continue staying with my hubby. My daughter and I miss him a lot. Enjoying for now, thinking about a plan that works for the future. Wishing you the same too. Hope you get to stay together soon.

  2. Reminds me of my parents in so many ways. In living a life and looking after us kids, they had to stay in different countries for many key years… by the time my dad retired and came back, we had pretty much grown up and left the house.

    1. Oh Roshan! I hear you!! I have the same fear sometimes. I don’t want to get used to this situation at all, for the same reasons you’ve stated here. I don’t want to miss these key years!

    1. Thanks a lot Shalz. Even the smallest signs of being together is so pleasant! I am enjoying the couple time we get now! Of course, the little one is totally enjoying it!

  3. Happy 3rd Jay! I know the difficulties you had to go through when he was away.

    Personally for me and L, we would never stay away from each other no matter how luring the opportunity is. I’ve been asked to travel on-site from the past six years and I have been turning it down! I can in no way be away from L no matter how much money I get paid. One would argue that he can come with me and do something there, but, I wouldn’t want him to uproot everything he has here for me. Both of us love our jobs and I’m very happy being here and that’s satisfying enough!

    Good for you guys, stay together always!

    Lots of love!

    1. Aww. Thanks Sou. I know you guys! You are the adorable couple and when I see a photo of both of you, I always send up a little prayer for you guys! Stay blessed guys!!

      And, yes Sou, you gave a gentle nudge and that was really the beginning of many things personally for me! Thanks for that always!! I wish we stay together always!

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