Jack and Jill in my World

When I read Shalini’s post on the rhyme Jack and Jill, I went into thinking maybe the rhyme definitely had a history. For example, many local songs of Chennai were created for entirely different reasons. Surangani was one of the most famous songs that has so many versions. My dad and uncles had one of their own. I still remember them making up verses on the go to entertain us. They did not have official instruments, it was the chair, reading table or the bureau to make that grand music. It was lively.

That made me think, definitely English rhymes also had it’s share of history. The Wellerman song had a heart-crushing history that I must write in another post. The one Shalini shared about taxation of beer for the Jack and Jill seemed more appropriate to me as Beer is the language here! Well, the point is she got me thinking.

Since I have vowed to watch a few movies that my husband recommended (because I don’t make the time to watch them when my daughter is around), I must say a couple of them helped me with these references.

Jack and Jill in my world

Every time I read this quote, I only thought it talked about the past of my nation. Never once I thought it existed that day or will be a part of my life wherever I go. Being born in a city and living amidst a mix of culture, I was naïve to many comments about differences.

Discrimination is a crime
Discrimination is a sin

Indian Text Books

When you move states or countries, it is termed racism. What I understood is that no one is a threat to another. It’s only in your thinking. Broaden it, it will open a world of history where you appreciate another person’s life as your own. How can we broaden it? Read, watch think and discuss, that opens up perspectives that helps you view the world in a different way.

Jack and Jill reference to take a pail of water from a stream on Jayanthyg.in. Water flowing between mountains.
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I appreciate movies where they focus on the importance of education. Some children fail to understand the importance of education, whereas it is often unreachable for those who are in dire need of it. Coming from a middle-class family, little did I know that my parents had to take a lot of talks for educating us in private institutions. After getting into college, after listening to some comments, I’ve asked my mum to explain many inside stuff.

It took me a while, to understand how my parents were treated, how we were treated and the power of knowledge. I was late to get there, but for someone like me, my parents are my backbone. They let me be, but they have taken precious care of me and I am here today because of them understanding the power of knowledge. I am not everything that my father wanted me to be, but I appreciate how he held me in his palms all through my childhood, even today. My mum was really cool and trusted me completely.

At one point, I broke their trust, still, even then the way they held me is because of they being just who they are: Their character plays a vital role in our upbringing, both of them read amazing books and encouraged us to read and above all their honesty to do the right thing and live within their means, along with the respect they had for their elders taught us so much.

Reference 1

So, here when I mention Jack and Jill, two references came to my mind. You must have guessed the first one. Jack and Jill are the parents who have climbed a hill to give their children a life of their dreams. It takes them a lot to get there. Their struggles, their pains and their dreams all come together. Parents wish only the best for their children. They guide their children to become a better version. Yes, they have their pressures, but their focus is on their children. They appreciate not just their children, but all the children in the family. These are the people who teach other children to dream and achieve and treat all children equally.

If the father is down, the mother can come down quickly too. My parents have spent 37 years together and most of the conversations they have ever had are about us. Whatever they planned, they planned it with us. Be it a trip, be it buying new stuff, everything. The only thing they had for themselves and truly believed they had was each other and us. As they’ve grown old, they’re need to be with each other is only more. They’re growing old together and even though they constantly pull each other’s legs in the passing, I’ve never seen them allow anyone else to do so.

I’ve messed up a lot, they have fallen down because of me, but they got up. They made me get up. This time we only grew together as a family, however, that’s also only because of them.

Reference 2

The other is that every Jack and Jill are the boys and girls who look forward to education as a tool to achieve their dreams. They are children from all walks of life who want to study and believe that they can change their world through learning. To forget their everyday problems, they shift their focus towards education. They believe they can lead a respectable life for them and their people. Here, I reference the Hill as the School and the pail of water is the drop of knowledge that is bestowed upon them.

As a society we are extremely conditional of children. Many people find ways to hurt the ego just to change the person. To be ashamed of their self and the kind of life their parents have provided them is a common way to make someone feel low. My parents did their best, still at that age I was vulnerable and believed I was bound to fail, to never have my head held high. If we get the money, we could be equals and would be respected had a big effect on me. However, the norms only kept changing and I was like the donkey with the carrot held in front of it.

As another example, my cousin who had all riches was constantly bombarded with random comments that made him feel small. Even though he had all riches, personally he was never a mean person even once. He was constantly being commented from how weird he was to he’s who he is because of the riches only. He is still the most humble and polite person one would meet, but as we know it the comments continue.

This Jack and Jill are the children who are being told how to live, how to be by someone who does not truly care(this comes after taking it all). Breaking the shackles the society sets(firstly relatives) and living life on our terms is equally difficult for a man and woman. As much as we talk about women empowerment, we need to appreciate every man who stands up for himself in situations that people purposely create to torment them.

Who’s Rich?

A humble and a smart man is hard to find because those qualities adhere to being truly kind and polite. However, they are coined as foolish by a lot since they are not flimsy and floating, but deep and steady. Similarly, women who stand up for themselves, who treat other men and women as equals and are not threatened by others are not appreciated.

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So, who’s rich? Those who value education and treat people right. Also, those who could help someone else without discriminating them because of their caste, creed or religion, but only because they can help spread the power of educating children. This changes lives forever.

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