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I am an Engineer by choice. I have a lovely mix in my family. Two out of seven in our cousins gang are dentists and the third one did her Masters in Hospital Administration. The rest of us are Engineers. I love this mix because we have so much stories to share and we love to hear about the medical guys in our family. Luckily, the three of them did not have to undergo NEET entrance exams, but they are our go to when it comes to learning about the Pros and Cons of NEET and the field of Medicine. As a whole, I am lucky to have more than 20 cousins just on my paternal side and we all stayed together until my 10th standard i.e. 2002, that’s a decade and a half. I still remember playing doctor-patient game, enacting various soaps, playing hotel, playing train, playing cooking games, wrestling(I hate that) and tent games, yes, apart from the regular “Colour, Colour, What Colour do you choose?” and other hide and seek games.

Though I remember most of it as it is, it is those doctor-patient games that I was reminded of when I visited a friend recently. Her son and a couple of his friends from their apartment were playing with a Doctor set. I was very curious about it. They had so much detail than I ever knew. My friend’s son, let’s name him, Amith, sat down his other friend, Akash, and greeted him. Let me remind you, they are 7 years old. Their conversation got me curious. Well, when kids play don’t we all become their patients? So I am going to share just one patient details.

Amith: So, what brings you here, Akash?
Akash: A 103 Degree Temperature.
Amith: (Picks up the Stethoscope) Let me check. Are you able to breathe normally or due to feel heavy?
Akash: I feel very hot and tired.
Amith: Do you have a head-ache?
Akash: I do when I sneeze loudly.
Amith: I will prescribe you to take good rest for 3 days and 3 doses of 7ml Paracetamol drops for those 3 days.
Akash: I can’t take leave from work. How do you expect me to rest? Do you have any injection that could solve my problem in a day?
Amith: Yes, I do, but then it will make you take rest for 10 days. Okay?

I couldn’t stop laughing at this. They giggled themselves. Kids see and learn so much. I was amazed at the dosage he prescribed and also how he used the Stethoscope like a pro. After the giggles, they started a conversation with me. From why I laughed to what they want to become, we had a good chat for almost 15 minutes. Come on, that’s the longest I could talk with a kid or maybe, they could, with me. Both of them said, they wanted to become doctors and one wanted to specialize in Cardiology and the other in Gynaecology. At that age, I hardly knew what they meant, well, I didn’t know at all. I was surprised at the depth they knew. I asked them if they knew about NEET, the Medical entrance Exams. Their reply was cool and I felt they would fare well in the future. They said it must be something like the IIM entrance exams, and it must be fun to compete with so many people from all over India. I didn’t have a word. I guess by the time these children grow they would be well-prepared to face the NEET Exams, with so many options available online now. However, in the present situation it is a tough thing since parents are also equally worried as children are, about a change. Education will change for the best to make a person really knowledgeable.

Since children of this generation use technology like a pro, it will be super easy for them to study online. The future could be complete online education too. Isn’t tutoring over the Internet a huge success? We all love online education apps and NEET online Coaching classes is one such which helps candidates interested in Medicine to achieve their much promised goal. All we talk about is the cons of using the Internet, always. We must accept it has its benefits too. We learn so much too. Now culture has changed a lot. I prefer to sit in my study desk and write my blog or also do a course online. It’s the dedication that counts. Also, with the online chat and forums, the replies are instant. Aren’t our parents ready to allot a room and provide a calm environment for us to study? I guess that is enough to make parents happy. To tell that you are going to study and actually do it. Online learning actually simplifies our life. Let’s see how it helps.

  • It resolves travel issues and if you are living in traffic prone zones (almost every area falls into this category now) it is a saviour.
  • Cuts out unnecessary usage of phone and the tension to call and inform your whereabouts to family. 
  • Saves a lot of money. Travel expenses, phone expenses, snack expenses are cut and you can also join any art class you are passionate about. Plus, you get some hot and fresh home food. 
  • You still get to meet your pals and also make friends within the course you are part of.
  • Repeating recorded lectures will help you gain new insights on the same subject. 
  • Making a routine for self to help focus better.
Some might be early birds and others night owls. Online education is apt for both of them. All that really matters is investing your time wisely by choosing quality education. Though children are very occupied with mobiles now, once we engage them towards what they are passionate about, they will find a balance and work towards their goal in a better way. 

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  1. The conversations children have these days! My grandson wants to become and anaesthetist like his mother and not an orthopedic like his Dad because he feels his mother is doing something special and that there are many male orthopods but very few male anesthesiologists! What logic is that? I hope he doesn't become either because the job is so fraught with risk ( irate relatives who thrash you), patients who don't want to pay ( do they ever ask a hairdresser for a discount???) . And eventually, people who sell soap make more money, get bonuses and have a great work life balance

  2. Online courses and tutoring are indeed the thing of today. They do cost less too. Mostly they are open source and freely available for public. There is so much of content all over the internet that finding the right ones is difficult.

  3. Passions could change in kids. I wanted to become a pilot, then a bus conductor, then a train driver and then a electronics engineer. So, let them sit it out and then if they change, then fine, if not, then very good. I understand your concern, but they will find a solution for themselves.

  4. Very true Pratikshya. It is like there is water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. However, it is just getting better. Thanks so much for dropping by.

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