Of Baby Bumps and Kicks – Remembering My Pregnancy – Part 2

Relaxing Second Trimester
My monthly visits to the gynecologist actually made me more curious. The gynecologist I visited never mentioned mine was a low-risk pregnancy openly. Instead she said I must walk everyday or 3 times a week and maintain a gradual increase of a Kg a month to 15 Kg max throughout my pregnancy. Until month 5, I wasn’t really sure if I was really pregnant. Come on, no bump, no sounds, no longing for mangoes. Well, now I realize that movies have been pathetically wrong when it comes to pregnancy stories. And.. Um. I believed them too much. Time for a reality check.

All I ever did was sleep or lie on the bed all day long and told myself I was enough tired already. Though pregnancy made me lazy than I already was, it also made me consistent when it came to my walking routine. I did yoga much regularly than I had before. It was mainly because it ached everywhere. Hip, hands, legs, you name it, I had pains everywhere. Lucky that I wasn’t restricted any food. I had more ice creams during my pregnancy than ever. Morning cravings and ice creams went hand in hand. Most mornings at 4 AM, I sat with a spoon to relish my chocolate delicacy. The husband became familiar with the unusual sounds at unusual times in our room. Though he woke up occasionally and asked if I was alright, to which I always answered, “I think so!”

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Did I tell you I hated the waiting period in all my visits to the hospital? I was asked to visit once a month regularly until the 8th month. The one lucky thing was the hospital is just 2 streets away from my home . I preferred using OLA since the timings were late afternoons and loved walking back home. I never expected my husband or my mother-in-law to accompany me during these visits. Sitting there for a whole hour doing nothing is sometimes better for an already confused/emotional soul who is pregnant. They listened for a while and since my family was excited about my pregnancy more than me, each one of them accompanied me for a visit. My mother-in-law came once, my mother accompanied me once. The funniest visits were with the husband. I will share just one crazy conversations here.

Fifth Month Ultrasound: Okay, this will confirm what’s happening in my womb! *me thinks*

At the reception desk:

The Husband: So, you asked us about the appointment timings right?

Receptionist: Yes, Sir. You must wait for an hour Sir.

The Husband: If you cannot follow timings, why do you actually keep mentioning it? You must add a tagline like “You will be able to meet the doc, 1 or 2 hours after the appointment time”

Receptionist: Sir, what can we do Sir?

The Husband: Just stop asking us if we are here on our appointment time, and stop giving appointments during lunch time!

Receptionist: This doctor is available only during that time, Sir.

The Husband: Okay, we will go have lunch and come back.

Receptionist: Sir, you cannot go like this.

The Husband: Okay, tell me how can a pregnant woman be without eating her food on time?

Receptionist: Sir.. (She couldn’t help laughing)

She told us to please go and come back in exactly half an hour.

In the time given for lunch, We actually finished shopping our monthly groceries and also had lunch. While I was about to drop the plate in the sink, my phone rang. The husband smiled and asked me to tell them that he likes their Half an hour schedule very much! Okay, I just attended the call and told we are on the way. Since the clinic is just two streets away, we went there in a jiffy and met the doctor.
This happened two more times at Seventh Semester scan and at 9th. Both the times, I sent him home and asked him to come only when the scan was almost over. Not that we didn’t like each other’s company, I preferred talking to other pregnant woman. However, he saw what was necessary and we were happy.

Did I mention before that when friends asked me do you spend half the time in the loo, I was like, not much. It was in the end of second and third trimester, I used the loo almost 4 times every night even though I drank less water or no water before I slept. I wondered why did I even come back to my room! I even tried spending some time in the living room before I went into my bedroom. It never worked. I went back to the loo only when I was about to fall asleep again. Yes, it was just like that. And people talking about getting enough sleep during pregnancy, that is just to encourage you to try and feel light. 

My regular checkups and walking was a regular routine by month 6. I don’t like dependency. I love to do my work all by myself. In fact, I didn’t feel I had to be dropped at the clinic for my monthly visits too. For the sake of couple visits, my husband and I visited in the last trimester together. I loved the idea of the husband being in the delivery room. So we both visited the doctor together in the last trimester.

The baby shower functions were fun. All I had to do was dress up and pose like a doll. I wasn’t looking great though, but felt excellent throughout pregnancy. The second trimester was all about a growing baby bump, excitement about baby kicks and talking with the baby. I loved dancing so much in this trimester. My 5 year old nephew and I danced all the time. That was enough encouragement for me to keep myself super-active

Summing it up!

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The final post in this series will be coming out soon! 😉

Read my Part 1 – Blame it on the Hormones to know how it all began.

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  1. You made me remember my pregnancy, Jayanthy! In the first trimester, I visited my doc every 2 weeks, then once a month and then in the eight month again every two weeks. What a pain it was! The only thing that I looked forward to was hearing my baby's heart beat. 🙂

  2. Enjoyed reading your post as it took me back to my pregnancy days. It was a twin pregnancy with lots and lots of mood swings and vomits. Fortnight doc visits, lying on the bed for USG even for an hour sometimes just to get a glimpse of my tiny twos and what not but end of the day its all worth it 🙂

  3. At that point in time it would have been hectic for you, but looking back everyday proves to have ao many wonderful memories attached to it, isn’t it? Such a warm happy read 🙂

  4. Oh yes, Anshu. That kept us going. We were okay to wait that one hour just to hear the little one's heartbeat. Thanks a lot for dropping by!

  5. Oh my god, I always wanted twins, but once my little one came, I feel I couldn't really manage with one little baby. You must have had double the joy and pain! It must have been a rollercoaster ride. Great journey of yours I must say. Yes, it is all worth it.

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