Hush!! Mom is sleeping!

Two solid weeks at home can make any woman crazy. And especially home without mom’s cooking is close to staying at a hostel. Yes, parents are out on a trip and for the first time my sister and I are managing the house all by ourselves. Well, the start was enthusiastic with a trial of different Indian dishes filling our tummies and we relishing the moments of entirely different aromas and tastes keeping us full.

Mom and Dad!

 Day 4 started it all! We were almost on the verge of trying dishes just like momma, even the traditional dishes were not with the essence of mom. Well, how about maintaining the house without mom?

I accept we faced difficulty in finding some regular things right out of the kitchen. We thought we would make a 1000 calls in just a day to find each and everything. But then we sat down and made up our minds, we would give her this two weeks completely to trip and enjoy in Rajasthan while we figure out everything here by ourselves. We had trouble right from the amount of rice to be kept everyday. 

When mom was home we used to talk tons and tons about other outside stuff. Its these two weeks we were talking so much about mom. We limited our calls to just once everyday. And finally yesterday being mother’s day we wholeheartedly bowed to her saying, “She is the wonder woman of our home!”

And luckily she was more inspired and wished her mom a wonderful mother’s day.
Happy and pleased to live with two different thinking generations yet having a wonderful girls night with these two woman who become kids when they start talking about their times!! 🙂

Sharing some of the moments with my guy’s mom has been wonderful too. I was surprised when she spoke to me and then we started talking like two teenage girls gossiping and laughing and trying to maintain a open secret! Laughter is the best medicine and its the best when we share it with our closest people.

For all that has happened in the past, I bow to my mother and say Sorry and Thanks!
For without her, being alive would not have made sense.

When she is back here, now we know how much rest she deserves!! 🙂


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