Life Lessons – 1

Some incidents in life just make you forget that you really deserve to be happy.  Those just brought you to the edge of your life and changed your entire perspective of life from being happy to you don’t deserve any good in life at all kind. This kind of incidents can clearly make you angry without a reason, and let you bottle your feelings due to fear merely of everything.  It is that dread feeling that brings out the devil in you making you feel lost. This makes you lose faith and confidence that you have been struggling to hold on to.

This long gone feeling could trouble some of you till date; it’s like that one evening which has changed the entire lifetime for you and shattered your dreams and made you feel lost at sea. Till date, I have only taken this incident that shook my life as one of the worst experiences that ever happened to me. But now, after struggling with a mind which overloaded with others comments, finally gave up and understood, it’s one of the best incidents with the best outcome that has ever happened to me in my life. This incident woke me up and made me realize that I need to live my life, live my dreams, if not someone will clearly be waiting at the corner to stamp it and go away like nothing really happened. 

Reading some of the slam books written during school and college made me see stuff about me that I have lost over time. This was definitely a wake-up call as to see what rotten habits I had without noticing them myself and the worst one being NOT KNOWING HOW TO SAY NO! I am a YES Girl for almost everything till date in my life. NO makes me, feel uncomfortable, especially when the other person is very much the dependent kind. But the good part here is when I clearly know nothing is going to work out I walk out or move away not being anywhere close in the vicinity. Out of sight, is out of mind clearly. But then I do feel guilty for the mistakes I did and I just pray to god and more than asking for forgiveness I have learned to present the other people involved with a life of their choice because best is not always the best for everyone. However, some bad mistakes are the best lessons they say. I agree so that I can put my past to rest and look forward to today and the days to come, though I must clearly say I feel better than anytime I have ever been and building day by day.

There is no mistake if you have learned your lesson from it.

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