Marriage is an important life event!

What happens when parents are forced to get their daughter or son married due to social pressure and a matter of status??

Not just the individual who is forced into marriage suffers later due to unnecessary pressure from family. But urging things only creates damage in the long run for both families involved changing the views on marriage!

For some people luckily its their wake-up call to stay aware of themselves before committing due to pressure or sympathy and take time to analyze about what can be and cannot be done by self! Rejecting someone does not mean you are rejecting the rights of the person to live, remember, you just save two families from creating further drama in the name of marriage and divorce.

Though divorce affects every one in the family indirectly, the person affected should practice smiling or being straight forward as often I guess.

Save yourself young woman! The world awaits you and you deserve better things in life!

Marriage is an important life event! Never let anyone stamp your dream!

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