Rise And Shine – Working From Home Can Be Your Choice!

Nothing comes easy! No free lunch! All this took me time to understand. But after continuous trials and errors I found my way for a start in my most favorite task, writing. It’s almost my 6th year into blogging. There were times I couldn’t write much due to personal problems, but writing has always been my way of expressing what I feel to a T. I am not a candid speaker but I agree to an extent writing has made me a better person gradually.

When it comes to working from home, my first opinion is spending an hour or two for writing everyday to keep things going for a start. I hardly find time to sit in front of the system being at home. It definitely teaches me to manage time better to do what you love, but only after doing what you should at home.

I was stuck on the very first point shared in the book ‘Who Will Cry When You Die’ by Robin Sharma. “Discover Your Calling”. I clearly had no idea what I am supposed to do here in this world. Even on reading it multiple times I couldn’t figure out what I really had to do. But there was a time I bottled up feelings and was afraid to share anything. Sadness and tears were my only companion for months together. I felt dead on the inside and soul-less on the outside thinking that was going to be my life forever. Blessed to have couple of people who helped me from staying in the pit forever.

I am better than yesterday. I feel its time to work on things and keep moving forward with a hope that good will happen. Especially with an awareness that bad happens to everyone to understand and focus on our path. 
Working from home was the best option offered to me by friend K, luckily we managed to spend time chatting with each other and found out about our common interests after ages.. Kindergarten friends have this special knowledge about us! And the best part was we work together!! And we are surprised about how it interests us!!
We write and share so much with each other that I have a different reflection of her right now.
With support and encouragement from family and friends, I am lucky to have started this journey of writing!! But I have a long way to go!! I started this article to write about the benefits of it! But ended up thanking the support!! Especially withthe support of S who helps me with the tasks, I am lucky to be in the team of many other excellent writers..
Better late than never, take time to do what you love! This can change your works and the world for the better.

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