For one last time

I was dejected when I reached home
I rang the bell and mom opened the door with a smile so warm
My weak smile made her sense something was wrong
She just held me tight and said it will take time but be OK!!

Though somewhere it told me
This was going to take longer than we guessed
I looked at her and managed a smile
Then left to my room!

My room, the place which will be mine only for the next 24 hours
The place which held me together in many situations
The place which never made me feel lonely for the last 22 years
The place which held deep-rooted memories
The place which was mine!

I opened the door and looked around
She was still beautiful when empty
There was no bed, no dresser, not even a chair
I went inside
I sat on the floor with hands held around my knees
I closed my eyes and bent my head
All I could see were the moments I had spent there.

Euphoric days, gloomy days, angry days, obsessed days, depressed days, hyper days, what-not days!
My first failure, my first success,
my first fall, my first breakthrough,
my first bicycle, my first dance competition,
my first chorus singing practices, my first birthday with friends,
my first exam, from my kindergarten to my high school, my degree completion,
my first interview, my first call letter,
my first 22 years of life!
Every possible emotion that I ever felt, this room had felt it too!

I glanced the days, in my room
I dreamt away in my room
I reminisced in my room
I have talked about birthday parties, wedding saris, cricket matches,
every other choices, wished on vacations, cried on occasions, in my room
I read, I wrote and I pondered in my room I laughed,
I cried and I fought in my room.

I cherished those moments when our eyes met every time,
In my room I thought about what tomorrow held for me,
In my room I planned my today,
In my room I had those secret places which held those special pieces
In my room I sang, I played and I danced
In my room I wept, I shouted and I screamed
I prayed in my room!

I have somersaulted in my room
I have fallen down many times from the bed in my room
I have hurt my little toe finger more than a thousand times in my room
Those pencil marks that showed every inch I’ve grown is still in my room
I got up and felt tears rolling down my cheeks
I was in my room for one last time!

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22 Comments on “For one last time”

  1. @Appudu – Thanks so much anna! We shifted from Royapettah couple yrs ago. Moments spent there are the ones i'm writing down now and then! 🙂
    @Ram – shifted da!! 🙂

  2. Nice nostalgic moments…I felt the same post marriage… new place, new ppl…time heals:)-Srividhya

  3. Very nice. Nothing in life ever stays the same. We grow up and move on with it. It seems as if you have many, many good and some sad memories of this room, but, really, your home is where your heart is. There will be new rooms that you will grow to love, feel safe in, and your heart will feel it is home, especially when you share that room with those you love. Good luck in your new room and, it's a pleasure meeting you at Keith's Carry on Tuesday blog.

  4. Thanks so much DayDreamer! 🙂 A pleasure to be a part of this CoT page! 🙂 You have a brilliant b-log and the poetries are always letting me learn something! 🙂

  5. Hey Jayanthy, you made us feel your past and how close your are emotionally to your room. Being a very senti person myself, I could to an extent feel your myriad emotions.

    you take care and god bless

  6. You created a vivid Rainbow of everything you felt Jay!!! Skillful usage of words to exhibit the turmoil which went on inside you-the War of so many Nostalgic emotions which literally tore you apart just before leaving the place,which you knew as Home since the time you had entered the scene to play your Role. The Madness could be felt!:):)

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