To connect again

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I miss you
But I don’t really miss you
I’d like to keep in touch with you
But I’m scared of the misery it creates.

I’d like to help,
But I’m scared of overdoing it
I’m fond of having a chat
But now I’m scared of being accused and judged.

I feel guilty
If I’m not able to help
But what scares me more now
Is losing myself to keep up with you.

I don’t know where to start
I don’t know what to talk
It’s empty, it’s blank
A smile seals a whole lot.

I don’t know if I’m better this way
Or may be not
But I need more time
To connect again.

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6 Comments on “To connect again”

  1. I hear you, Jayanthy! It’s lovely how you chose to share your thoughts through verse – and conveyed so much in so little! It’s an irony how 24/7 connectivity sometimes means we are all alone, disconnected, disjointed and aloof from one another, existing like islands, because we are afraid of our intentions being misunderstood. We wish to reach out but we feel inhibited by a hundred reasons!!!

  2. I relate to the push and pull. But lately, I’ve been practicing the band-aid method. Just rip it off sometimes it’s the closure that we seek 🙂

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