Leelai (2012)

A breezy love story with a fresh pair.
The tom and jerry fights work well when it comes to a story on relationships always, in real or reel.
The bold and beautiful Manasi Parekh as Karunai Malar and neatly dressed Shiv Pandit as Karthik have a good screen presence.
The friends of the lead pair Santhanam as Vicky and Suhasini as Suja have notable roles too.
Debutant Andrew Louis has worked well on the script and dialogues.
Satish Chakravarthy’s music works, for the songs were in town way too long but still makes us hum to the tune(only Jillendru oru kalavaram) while watching.


  • Malar’s behaviour towards Karthik in all their phone conversations.

  • Karthik calling Malar’s name in a very annoyed way. Especially, the first call from office.

  • The outing at Mega Mart where they meet their college friends.

  • Malar when angry.

  • Suja getting caught between the pair.

  • Suja chasing Karthik to reveal the truth to avoid heartbreak is realistic. Especially, the one where she checks again on him after having a long talk with him inside the room.

  • Malar’s conversations with Karthik about Sundar.

  • Vicky’s talk with Karthik for Malar.

  • These many small moments makes the movie enjoyable and watchable.

  • The beautiful apartments please the eye though its completely unrealistic.

  • Chic costumes.

  • Story revolves around 4 characters which makes it neat.


  • Santhanam’s outdated jokes for the most part are just fillers to avoid love overdosage especially the one from the latest flick okok and the transgender joke.
  • Not recognising the voice of Karthik is point-blank dumb.
  • Songs – were there any, other than the chartbuster? Nothing notable.
Yet another love story.

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