Go clicking!

This picture is taken from a SLR camera. Yes! This is the latest gadget that many professional photographers and serious amateurs are using and they’ve felt it to be simply amazing.

Unlike the non- SLR(Single-Lens Reflex) cameras (ie. the normal compact cameras) this one uses an automatic moving mirror system which permits the photographer to see exactly what will be captured by the film or digital imaging system and its entire speciality is that these camera produces high quality images. This is the feature that makes this camera stand one step higher than other compact cameras.

This SLR camera offers 8 megapixel camera which has a better sensor and produces great picture because there exists no noise. If you want a digital SLR go for Nikon and Canon, they are the best brands that I would suggest. The usual delay that occurs in the compact cameras does not exist in this and so you can get the exact picture of whatever you clicked. these cameras are bigger than usual but if you are really photography crazy then I am sure you will prefer this one.


—> Low price
—> More lenses and filters- this is for the variety of pictures either making the picture look artistic or natural.
—> the 35mm films being used are available worldwide and so there is no problem you will ever face about the memory cards or battery recharging.

Get a SLR and enjoy every moment by clicking!

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