According to Oxford dictionary the word “Insomnia” means “inability to sleep”. According to references the word originated in the 17th century and comes from the latin insomnis which is sleep (sominis) negated (in)…

Healthful sleep is just a dream for these ppl..

The main usage suggests long-term, chronic sleeplessness.

The secondary meaning does not have a temporal connotation but does imply an ability. Both definitions highlight the behavioural aspects of sleep and sleeplessness (habit and ability).

The most interesting fact is that there exists insomniac cafes and bars where they can meet other insomniacs and chat their way out.. They can play games,go to insomnia chat room and chat with insomniacs around the world, read about sleeptips, herbal remedies and techniques to fall asleep and link to some light reading. They will be weekly updated.. exists for insomniacs and it discusses about many topics..

There is natural trreatment for insomnia.. It is helpful if followed.. Its simple as it could be!!
-> cut down on caffeine
-> cut down on alchohol
->Do something about your sleep environment.
-> avoid large meals..
Though difficult initially one can get over it thru practice….

Follow the proverb,”The best advice is found on the pillow.”
Listen to Enrique iglesias!! You’ll feel fine!! 🙂

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