Kwizgiver’s June Writing Challenge: Day 8


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What song would you pick to represent you?

Sutrum Bhoomi song from Dumm Dumm Dumm

When I am Calm and Cute!

Translating one stanza for you guys to enjoy!

Sutrum bhoomi means revolving earth.

The revolving earth continues to revolve yet it’s wheels will never be punctured,
The thread of the kite that flies high, does not become a rainbow in the sky,
The world is in my shirt pocket, the sky is within my palms,
The world listens to my orders, 
Hey, coconut tree, what’s with the curves in your trunk,
Are you getting married?

It’s a lovely song! I still love dancing to the tune of this song. It’s about a girl who is about to get married. A girl who enjoys her life and goes with the flow! 🙂

I am sure you will enjoy the tune and understand the mindset of the girl if you watch the video! 🙂

The English song that I love is Jon Bonjovi’s It’s My Life! 🙂

When I Feel Like A Rebel!

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