LIFE, The way I see it now!


Problems come and go,
People come and go,
Fame comes and goes,
Shame comes and goes,
Anger comes and goes,
Pain comes and goes,
Happiness comes and goes,
Ego comes and goes,
Hatred comes and goes,
Compliments come and go,
Insults come and go,
Pressures come and go,
Pleasures come and go,
Calmness comes and goes,
Prestige comes and goes,
Feelings come and go,
There are various emotions that come and go,
There are various situations that come and go,
But there is one essence that remains through it,

Capture the essence of life. Live every moment!

There are moments when I have heard people say or kill themselves or others due to societal pressures and other external factors.

Sometimes, Many times “The essence of LIFE gets missed in chaos.”

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