Thanking the bloggers and the entire comunity

OOPS writing my 50th post. Its been quite sometime since I started blogging. I used to think of what to write in the beginning and I was most of the times left with thoughts that seemed to be wonderful school time memories and fun in college. But I felt those are things that are quite common and many would have wrote about stuffs from college and school. So I switched over to movies. Then I had topics that come up just like that and I got quite interested in blogging only after the 8th semester exams.I still have the habit of reading the blogs I come across. Well from that time I am writing and writing and I am happy to continue it. My spirits are high enough when I open my blog. I am always feeling really nice thinking about my blog. SO I constantly keep encouraging my friends who are fond of talking as well as writing to be a part of this blogging community so that they can find a better part of their own selves. Thanks a lot to my friend Jash who encouraged me to start blogging and I am happy to have quite a few readers.:)

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