The Call of the Wild by Jack London

This book has been on my reading list for long. Thanks to @thewritetribe reading challenge. I took this for the prompt: A book with an animal in the title/cover.When I started reading this book, I really wanted to put it down. The betrayal at the very beginning made me furious. The next pages to me were cruelty scribbled on paper. I wasn’t in a good mood for two days straight. I wasn’t really willing to read, but I continued because I wanted to know what really happened to Buck.

  •  Did he find good company?
  •  Did he believe in people again?
  • Did he ever come back to his home?
  • What was his state of mind?
  • Did he live through it all?

Too many questions, with little answers helped me push the pages. I read like a mad person(not only for the dog, but for some of my madness to be tamed too). I finished it today morning.How Buck changed told me reality of life in itself. We can never become our old self again even if we come to the same situation. Once we change for the better or worse, we just have to move on.

Buck has unbreakable spirit. Moving from a comfortable life to an unknown misery, Buck sees it all overnight. He adapts to the unknown and understands how things work in this new life. Though he longs to go back to Santa Clara, he was moved all the way to Alaska in a cage with little hope . The lessons he learned throughout the journey, the rising of him in his own ways, Buck masters himself and the way of his ancestors. Even with cruel masters, he raises his position to the best sled dog known in the coldest parts of the north.

Even though he is well-skilled and smart, he never knew he longed for love. When John Thronton finds him being beaten up to death, he rescues him and takes care of him. The love between both of them is unconditional and the people around could bet on both to be there for the other anytime.

During their times together, Buck learns his ways in the forests and grows in his wild ways until he senses something is wrong at the camp. This is one of the most splendid dogs you will love in the history of dogs. Though the brutality in this is severe and numbed me sometimes, it is a must read for it shows the brutality of life just the way it is.

We all need the courage to be ourselves and an indomitable spirit that sparks life in us. Read it, I am sure you will love Buck. There will be no one like him!

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  1. This is the first time I have heard about this book. I must say it was a passionate reading affair with a book 🙂 I can sense the satisfaction you must have got after reading this book since you wanted to read it for a long time.

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