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There is always a job for everyone, only if you are passionate smart enough to learn the skills required. Recently I met a woman in her mid-20’s. She gave up her IT job to work in her field of interest. After two years of exciting work, she wished to pursue her technological interest as well. However, the non-IT gap had to be filled. She thought about the available courses and analysed a few subjects in hand before choosing one. She opted for a course in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and aced it. She got an offer in the following months after her course and is now working to shape her skills in Sales and Marketing. She works on her field of interest in the weekends and works on her technological skillset during the week.

I was impressed how smart enough she is to understand that technology is a vital part in today’s life. She masters in Kalarippayattu and her love for both is endearing. In today’s world we can follow both in a smart way. She explained her entire quest in adapting to both and including them in her daily life. I am sharing a few things here for those who want to jump back into IT, but have their decision on hold for a while.

She started her search for a course and went through a lot of catalogues just like back in college. She was part of a few groups that gave her an idea on CRM courses and estimated that she finish her course within 4 – 6 months. Since her search was narrowed down to CRM, it was easy for her to figure out a Salesforce training institute in Chennai. For those of you who want to dig deep and know more, read on!

How did Salesforce come into Existence?

Most Customer Relationship Management solutions were difficult to set up in a physical server since it took months or years to set up, it costed millions of dollars and it was complicated to use. On the quest to building an affordable software, the idea of deliver the service entirely online clicked for good. Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the key concepts in the world of IT for years now. Right from building efficient applications on the Sales Force platform to utilizing an affordable solution for CRM also with easy integration with most 3rd party applications, this is what works in today’s fast paced business. Cloud solutions speaks volumes in offering various services in all lines of business today.

What is Offered in this Course?

The Salesforce Training in Chennai offers comprehensive programs designed to suit different needs of professionals. From beginners to Architects, everyone has something to learn here. It is used across different industries and it is critical for today’s business needs. Some of the industries that benefit from the service are Sales, Marketing, All Service Industries, Commerce, Community based projects, Analytics, App Cloud, IoT Cloud and Health Cloud. The various courses available is as follows:

  • Salesforce Certified Force.com Developer
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant

Who Can Benefit from the Course?

  • Individuals
  • Start-up business
  • Medium Sized Business
  • Medium Sized Enterprises

Why You Must Train Yourself in this Course?

Training is the basic to learning anything. To run a business in a smooth and successful way, one has to invest time and effort. Whether you have a trainee or an experienced staff, it is essential for them to understand the business model and also be a responsible staff to achieve their dreams.

3 Main reasons to pursue your course here:

1. The training program is designed to educate the trainees on practical skills and product knowledge to boost career opportunities.
2. They create competitive professionals by offering thorough hands on training and real time expertise.
3. Trainees don’t work on traditional sample projects, instead they work on first-hand live projects.

My friend pursued Sales and Marketing Cloud. This has helped her capture the concepts of business better and also to promote her Kalarippayattu reach out to audience better. Technology teaches us to be productive with our business, it regulates our business process as well as the data we use. We learn new things everyday especially about offering better service to customers. If you dream of another chance in the IT or are looking forward for opportunities, grab your course here.

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