The Empty Room #FictionMonday

Door opening to a staircase. A old home, looking dirty. Image used for jayanthy's free space for Fiction Monday
Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabay

Life was simple for Riya. She had a lovely time with her partner and two children. Raj was the kind of man she wanted to marry. She enjoyed his company because they were poles apart. Still, there was one thing that she missed now more than ever.

Riya wanted to go back to work again.

She had decided to quit her job before her wedding. While she wasn’t interested to spend all her time in travel, she also wondered about how she is going to manage a home. She took her time to learn things.

When a setback happens on the home front, she would feel a sharp pang inside her about quitting her job. The 4 walls were not enough for her to be herself. She missed everything about work. After giving birth to two kids, her time was occupied keeping them engaged.

She wasn’t sure about work anymore. It has been eight years now. How would she go back to work? She had no idea about what was trending now, also, she wasn’t sure about managing the timelines of the job.

When the discussion came up with Raj, he had already decided for her. This was something that made her feel too protected. She wanted to venture out, but he was always planning things for her. For once, she did not want that.

She wanted to go out, be on her own and do things herself. It has been almost 8 years since she ever did something all by herself. He politely left the place. She decided to go for a walk.

On her walk, she saw the old bakery. It was closed for a while now. Suddenly she decided to go inside and look. The place was empty, cold and looked miserable now. She did not want to see this place to be like this anymore. This place reminded her of everything she enjoyed there. The memories, the warmth of the bakery was still there in her.

She wanted to open her own bakery there. She had listed all the reasons she could to convince him to buy it for her. After all, she was asking him a loan. She would pay back. She ran back home and informed Raj about her decision.

Raj was stunned to hear that from her. He told her he wanted to visit the place with her. They took their kids and walked to the empty bakery. While she was mesmerized with the place, Raj gave the kids a folder. He asked them to give it to their mum.

The kids laughed and handed it to their mom. She was curious than ever. When she opened the folder, she found the place was already hers. This is what Raj had wanted to inform her before. Had he given it to her before, she would have not agreed to even check this place.

She thanked him as she hugged him. He was her biggest support through everything. Finally, she felt it was time for her to conquer her dream.

Fiction Monday

I am participating in Vineetha Dileep’s Fiction Monday. This is Edition 53. This is a piece of Fiction for the picture prompt. You can read my previous post here.

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  1. What a lovely story, Jayanthy! Finding our path by ourselves has a lot more value. Ria is a lucky woman, her husband knows her aspirations very well. Thank you so much for joining #FictionMonday. I love reading your stories. Looking forward to reading this week’s entry. 🙂

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