ThursdayTreeLove ~5: Remembering Home

Not many times I miss home. Though I miss people there, I don’t miss the comfort of the home. Not until today. While I was checking for photos to post, this popped up. One of my favourite trees and one of the few ones that is still around the house.

When my grandfather bought this land and built a house, he did it with his friends. Almost 3-5 friends purchased together and 3 of them became neighbours. I still vividly remember my summer holidays during school. I used to play at my neighbours place for hours together. Now, those are memories of the 90’s.

Both these trees belong to my neighbours. When a coconut falls, it’s never yours or mine. We take it if it falls in our house, they take it when it falls in theirs.

Also, my grandparents used to hire coconut tree climbers back in time when we had a garden of our own. It used to be more like a picnic in the garden where we spend the day sorting mangoes, guavas and coconuts in various baskets, ready to distribute it to friends and family.

My father still follows what his father-in-law left since the time we moved here a decade back. We don’t hire any coconut tree climbers anymore, but we collect and use the coconuts that fall off the tree. We distribute to those who ask for it.

My father is still fond of picking mangoes from the tree and distributing it to friends and family. Since he is not supposed to go out now, he sends them through swiggy. Times change, but some traditions still bring beautiful memories.

I am Participating in Parul’s Thursday Tree Love Edition.

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You can find my entries for Thursday Tree Love here. I hope you enjoy my posts!

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7 Comments on “ThursdayTreeLove ~5: Remembering Home”

  1. What an interesting read, enjoyed reading about the past, loved the concept of sharing coconuts and mangoes, the trees look awesome, and its a great click. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely memories and I always wonder how simple life used to be. Thank for sharing a piece of your heart with us. Means a lot! See you around tomorrow and thanks for joining, Jayanthy!

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