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Why School Parent Communication Apps Are Essential Today

I have to start looking out for schools for my daughter. I am lagging in the research and I don’t really want to get worked up about it. While my friends and I talk about this frequently, I figured a lot has changed in the past 15 years. That’s how long it is since I finished school. It’s a decade since my sister graduated too, in case you were wondering. So you’ve figured I’m notably behind with today’s processes.

It is true that Online communication has become an imperative part in today’s schooling. Since today’s parents want a sneak-peak in their child’s activities at school, but work keeps them away for long (works away from city, or travel due to work, or one of them stay abroad). It has become easier to keep in touch with school updates online. Communication is nevertheless the paramount of this age too since now parents are quite happy to be in the loop of the everyday happenings at school.

As long as there is communication, everything can be solved. -Robert Trujillo

As I was browsing about schools, I found some schools use School Parent App to address the communication gaps and surprises about any changes from both ends (school and parents). There are various modules from updates in school policy to exam time tables being notified to the parents from school authorities. Similarly, parents can view bus timings, routes, marks, fee structure, any personalized messages about their child and also update information from their end to be notified to the class teacher or principal.

These are brilliant applications that facilitate communication between schools and parents. One amongst that is Voice Snap, a top School Parent App that connect the dots between the school management and parents. A school app in the age of mobiles isn’t uncommon, right? What really makes the difference is the user-friendliness of the school management application proving it to be immensely beneficial for everyone involved.

Today we get calls from various entities and our black call-list grows faster than our contact list. We could easily miss notifications from schools if they happen to call from various numbers. This application settles this major issue by assigning a dedicated number for each school and provides a secure communication channel in order to share their personalized messages. When parents receive calls and messages from the same number throughout the year, it is easy to be alerted when a notification pops up. Also, Role-based access ensures confidential and private data is accessed only using their respective logons.

The features offered are aplenty and interesting. Some of the highlights of the application includes the following:

  • Attendance marked through the application is visible to the parents and school authorities.
  • Homework details are communicated through the application.
  • Timetables are published in this application
  • If you’ve opted for school bus, then bus routes and tracking the bus location becomes easier through the application.
  • Exam Timetable is published in this application
  • Mark sheets are uploaded in this application.
  • The Fee structure is also shared in this application.
  • Emergency messages can be shared immediately.
  • Leave information can also be updated in prior notice.

In case you are wondering how this works for various classes, here is a sample.

All you have to do is download the application from Google play store for Android or iStore for iOS. Open the app and use the mobile number registered at the school. Further details will be provided by the school, which is, identifying the school name/logo in the application and selecting the class within the application. Here is a small demo on how the application looks in an iPhone/iPod.

The key to success for any application lies in its ability to work consistently even after various updates. You can rely on this application for that. In comparison to some applications out there, this is workable, understandable and accessible by most parents. The tabs are easy to navigate and has minimal load time. Millenial parents find this application attractive as well as useful.

This asynchronous communication tool resolves minor and major communication gaps keeping both sides updated. An educational application beneficial in providing insights of a student’s entire academic lifestyle is today’s need. The student’s progress can be tracked every now and then for analysis and clarifications by parents. When a question arises, it is easier to send a voice message to the class teacher/principal and get things clarified effortlessly.

A school app will prove beneficial for every institution. It is immensely advantageous for the entire community involved and proves to work successfully for those who have already vested in this. If more schools aim at implementing this, it would be a favorable choice for most parents.

Does your child’s school have a school parent app? How useful is it for you?

Jayanthy Govindarajan

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Anamika Agnihotri

Definitely, the school apps are beneficial in terms of receiving communication from the school. My son’s school in Bangalore had one and every major information like assessment dates, worksheets, progress reports, attendance or any other important info. This way is hugely helpful in the case of very small children who are not capable of keeping the important stuff diligently.
Just a tip, Jayanthi. If this is a sponsored post (assuming from the outward links), it will be good to mention the same or to state the opposite if it is not.

Rachna Parmar

Yes school apps are very useful. We do have an app for the school where my kids study. It is very useful as we get all notifications regarding school in SMS and email. Also, so many other features like downloading report cards, a forum to talk to teachers and parents in the same class. It is not too intrusive either. I really like the App.