7 Key Points to Consider Before Picking your Wedding Venue

It’s a very special venue and a very special occasion. – Matthew Hayden

No, I am not talking about a match at Lord’s, but this quote fits so well for wedding venues. My eyes always capture the decoration and I am mesmerized by beautiful venues! Sounds common, right? If a Western Wedding captures the beauty in White, most of Indian Weddings capture the beauty of colors. Indian weddings are so much fun and drama. When it comes to Indian weddings there is immense stress before the actual event, just like a match. We must run around fixing things right from the venue to the catering, from the attire to the flowers, from the decor to the parking space and accomodation. There is so much details when it comes to the wedding. Nevertheless the actual D-Day is a grand celebration etched in our minds forever.

Tips to Choose that Perfect Wedding Venue in Chennai!
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When it comes to Tamil Weddings, there are two important factors to keep in mind, no, not the bride or the groom, nor their parents. It’s the favorable tamil months and the auspicious days that make the wedding complete. Haven’t you heard the joke about booking the wedding halls ahead?

Book the hall before you see the bride/groom! You don’t want to book an inaccessible location just because you were late.

That’s how busy it is during the wedding seasons. “All booked” is a frenzied state for South Indian Parents. So, how do you go about the wedding when there is NO venue? It’s all stumped, one cannot think beyond it, right? Just imagine, booking a hall in an inaccessible zone, just because that was the only one available. That’s a killer line for your own and not many guests would be in a position to travel that far! Here’s what you must do when it comes to booking Wedding Halls in Chennai. Get into the details of your wedding much ahead. Keep a picture of how you want it to be. Plan A or Plan B isn’t enough since lots of conflicts will arise, so a Plan C or Plan D is okay. Let’s go ahead and make an outline here:

  1. The Wedding Style:

The most important detail is the style of wedding you want. Is it going to be the traditional Indoor Wedding or a Breezy Outdoor Wedding? In case you want an Indoor Wedding and a Reception on a sprawling lawn, even that’s a fair deal. How rain-friendly is the venue? Ultimately, finalizing this gives way to deciding almost everything else.

Tip: What if it rains? What does the venue offer?

2. The Wedding Budget:

Yes, don’t we all have a piggy bank exclusively dedicated just for this Big Day? It is crucial to define your budget because each of the wedding segments is significant and needs to be included in the budget to make it easier. Right from choosing the wedding venue to decorating the hall and the stage, choice of caterer to the Menu on the banana leaf or plate, the seating arrangement, the various stalls that are going to be put up, the extra accommodation that you might need, the transportation that you are gonna offer, everything needs to be in the budget.

Tip: Always save in segments, rather than a marked Wedding Budget.

3. The Wedding Dates

This is crucial to decide the wedding venue. Decide the dates early so you can narrow down the availability of the venue you have in mind. If your dates come in the beginning or the end of the Wedding rush season it is important to know if Pre-booking is necessary, the duration the hall can be used, charges in case of extension,etc., If it’s the middle season you can go for various discounts, know the additional in-house facilities provided and look for a little more flexibility.

Tip: It is ideal to choose two dates initially and check availability of your interested venue.

4. The Wedding Venue

Indian Weddings are known for their long guest list. Marriage Halls in Chennai are perfect when it comes to accommodating larger crowds. Most halls are built to manage around a 1000-1200 easily. If you prefer a 500-700 then choose accordingly. Does it have ample parking space to accommodate the crowd? Is it located in a prime location with access to buses? Are you able locate it on Google Maps? Landmarks can help, a simple drawing on the Wedding Invite makes is easy for most guests. Also, once you visit the venue, you can decide the wedding booths right from what goes where and how things will be on the D-Day.

Tip: It is good to know backup plans offered by the venue in case the guest list is higher than expected.

5. The Wedding Theme

Now that you have decided the budget, you can heartily decide the theme that you and all the guests would cherish. If you want the flowers to welcome you and your guests, make it a fragrance filled live show that calms and lightens the wedding mood to a happy evening party. You can play with lights and make it all a graceful evening for everybody invited. You can also make it a glamorous evening with Candles and Folk Music. Make it an entertaining evening.

Tip: Flowers, candles or music, check what works well in the venue.

6. The Wedding Feast

A hearty meal will make the wedding a fulfilled memory. Visit caterers if you have personal choices, if not the best and easiest approach is to enquire if the Wedding Venue has caterers of their own. Know their menu, try their menu and decide which ones come on your plate. Are they affordable? Do they have good choices?

Tip: Does your family have a special sweet preference? Are they able to make it?

7. The Safety Measures

Yes, as a backup it is important to know the blueprint of the venue. How to evacuate the crowd in case of any emergencies? How to keep everyone safe? What are the power backup options? Your summer wedding could be interrupted by power cuts, your winter wedding could have power cuts due to rain! Either way, it is important to know what the venue provides to keep mishaps at bay. Do they have CCTV cameras at the venue from the entrance to the exit?

Tip: Know the emergency hospitals nearby, if any!

We all spend immense time and money planning our wedding. Let it be well-spent on a wonderful venue. When the venue is the key, it is best to keep your eyes open for best locations.

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  1. A very sensibly framed post. One of the things not many really focus on is the safety measures which you mentioned… I know I have been to so many weddings and receptions which in hindsight surely did not have any assuring safety measures

  2. Planning a wedding is always stressful. I had a crazy time planning my daughter’s. Eventually I was ready to allow her to run away and get married ! I actually thought wedding halls could be booked and the booking sold if not required for the day !

  3. Oh, planning a wedding is often a nightmare for the parents! Something or the other often gets left out, or overlooked, which leads to some or other chaos!
    This is indeed an unusual post I have read in a long time, but one that will be so useful for those planning to tie the knot! 🙂

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