Life’s Just That!

Life’s like that!

A fun filled ride,
Sad at one, happy at another,
Crazy at many, commanding at some,
A mad rush overall.

Life’s just that,
Some understand, many misunderstand,
Some guide us to betterment, whereas a few to bitter,
Maddening moments are many.

Right before us runs the show,
We laugh a lot and cry about,
At times we are left with a thought,
That would change us roundabout.

Life’s just that,
We see it in a different light,
Yet, there’s so much more to it,
That we learn as years pass by.

Life’s just that,
No one will choose to live it for you,
Unless you decide to do it for you,
That maddening journey is all yours now and forever.

Life’s just that,
No stanza here match with one another,
Yet, all this is what makes this poem,
Not rhyming, but tuned and synched.

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I share the reflections of my mind here as a mommy blogger. I share my parenting experiences and life experiences with gratitude.

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  1. Hi Jayanthy,

    Inspired by your comment for my #WordlessWednesday post last week, I created a #WW post this week. Watch out for the post as it goes live later this evening.
    Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

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