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Its been a week since I got my new mobile. I have already written a post about it. Well for new readers information its a Nokia 7500 prism. After a week’s experience i would say the phone is great when it comes to silent environments and above average in noisy environments. But I should surely say that the battery life matters. I have written about the talktim in the previous post.

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Battery life is surely a day. Its a matter of 20 to 22 hours if its used averagely. For heavy usage it is just half a day. When it comes to the ringing tone I am proud of my mobile. Its quite loud but it does not shout like nokia 3315. Well my latest ringing tone is the melody from dhaam dhoom.

Messaging is sometimes difficult because instead of the clear button I happen to press the exit button which saves the message immediately as a draft. Though this is better than clearing the entire message, it irritates me sometimes as I type fast and short tempered. Well I am trying to adapt to my phone. Still it stands high on STYLE. I would rate it above average. Listening to songs is surely a pleasure in this mobile both using the headset or using the loud speaker. There is no option to record the song from the radio. 🙁 That could have added a lot of value to this phone.

Camera is amazing as it has options like flash on/off and automatic and night mode and recording default to 15 seconds. Photos will be taken in the size 1600X1200. It has a 2 mega pixel camera and sequence photos are possible. A sequence contains 3 photos. The zoom capacity is 8x. So really close photos of far off scenaries can be taken.

Well friends if you want battery life atleast for two days or more and talk time of atleast 4 hrs prefer some other model. If you want it to be your style icon then don’t have a second choice. Go for it!!:)

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