Vijay TV rocks!

I was a great fan of the Garnier fructis Jodi no 1 program especially watching Prem – Pooja pair was simply awesome and that entire set seemed united. After which I felt that the groups chosen were not up to the mark though they excelled in dance. Dancing sessions became fighting sessions. This Vijay Jodi No 1 season was dragged worse than anything which made me loose my interest completely about that program. The only thing that I wait for when it comes to that particular program is the BLOOPER. yes the behind the screen kind of sections. But I could not really believe that even that program seems boring this time!

I am a sincere fan of Vijay TV and I believe its the only channel that doesn’t concentrate on serials. SO it will be nice to know that they will continue with this really good deed for their audience. i would prefer watching the sometimes boring blooper than the serial which fills us with the revenge thought. Even the other programs right from the lollu sabha to newly introduced finding the next prabu deva are simply innovative thinking because the other channels right now are busy in copying rather than thinking on their own.

Kudos to Vijay TV!!

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