salute to Mr.Bond

First and all I used to sit and wonder what should I write as a sign there were comparatively less posts. But I am quite happy to jot down about any incident that comes to my mind mainly because there is always something to write about. I haven’t felt this comfortable blogging. I recently read a Ruskin bond book “Funny side up” which is a really good booster for people who think what to write. This is mainly because Mr.Ruskin says, “writing something about everything is better than writing nothing about anything” I would surely suggest people to read that book because his wit is absolutely good. He says sooo much about things which people don’t really mind. In this book Mr.Bond tells even about a small ant who carries his food. This is my first “ruskin bond” book that I have read and I am completely impressed. Some people may find it silly at some point but I am very sure that everyone will surely enjoy this book.

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