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Category: Pain

Glued to you

        Pain engulfed me as I walked away from you,You make me go weak-in-my-knees,I wish you really knew how you make me feel,I turned to look at you,Walking away was on my mind, But to be held by you was all I needed,Looking at you I stood ….

To catch a glimpse

I expected him, I expected to just see him for a while without any intervention, I expected to talk to him, I expected to see him walk in with a smile, I expected him to still have that twinkle in his eyes when he smiled or stared, I expected him ….

What do you do

Post for Carry on Tuesday Blog!When you cry to god to give you the courage to let go of the person you love the most,When you send him a text denoting the same, ‘Goodbye’,When he calls to check if you are OK and you have only three words to tell him,‘I miss ….