Clueless Me to some mediocre clarity..

I have read a few beauty blogs but there was something very special about mabh blog. It was an interesting read that I almost spent the whole day reading different articles available on that blog. Indeed, I am very inspired by it and I am planning to make a hair care routine. And I have this sudden interest to spend time on buying products after comparison which I have hardly done in my life. Well, I have hardly taken care of myself – and yes this makes me feel a lot uncomfortable now. Better late than never, is what I feel now weighing my options this very moment.
I have hardly shopped anything and I am a newbie in this whole sector of shopping be it anything. When I need something I DONT buy it immediately, I give it time and then buy if I still need it after maybe a month or two. This one habit I plan to retain while learning to explore a whole world of shopping.
My very first step towards this is to explore all the products that I have already have to all the products that I need.

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