Day 3 – 24 Hours No Complaining

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This is surely a difficult challenge because even whining is complaining. Never thought of that as part of complaining. Complaining to me was only not talking ill about others or not listening others talk about it. But now I understand passing comments about self is also part of complaining. So this is difficult but I will practice this for my betterment.

I had suffered some deep emptiness before a year and it has definitely caused me lots of pain. To forget all those pains and shame i have to re-fill good memories for all around me which will make me feel better.

But definitely Kevin made me feel I need to use positive affirmations to keep my day better. Sure that was encouraging and this helped me a bit than the mindset i had at the beginning of the day.

And yesterday my canine pet grabbed a pretty big chunk of Grilled Chicken and ran out which shocked the entire family about the behavior but I could only laugh after a moment of being strict. Sure because it was funny but later realized it was not my food but my dad’s food. Still, I couldn’t stop laughing.

#GratitudeNow with Kevin Buchanan

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