Did You Smile Today?

Days are flying with crowded thoughts in my mind most of the times.
Sometimes the mind is empty, craving to think something to keep the days going.
That’s when I went to check my task for the day, “Smile once every hour today” – Set a reminder or an alarm once every hour!
I was surprised by the task, a task to smile frequently!
This made me consider re-consider my current state of affairs.
Has it really got anything to do with whether I smile everyday or not?
I was alarmed at my own thought, it bluntly said NO.
What has problems got to do with smile, I thought.

That’s when I googled smile and found this very apt picture! 🙂

This clearly made sense to me! When I really don’t know what to do, isn’t it right to wait till I get an answer instead of scolding me or laughing at myself!

When do we generally smile then?
What kind of smiles we smile? 🙂 Smirks are smiles too! 😀 That inner joy sometimes bluntly shown as smirks especially to annoy the one we love! 😀

Smiling makes you feel lighter,
Smiling makes you feel brighter,
Smiling makes you feel happier,
Smiling makes you feel peppier.

Smiling makes you talk less and listen more,
Smiling reminds you of good times,
Smiling gives a satisfaction,
Smiling is accomplishing that some known or unknown thing! 🙂

When in Love, you tend to even cry with joy! 🙂
That’s the power of smile and Love!
The twinkle in your eyes and the smile on your lips can never ever be fake! 🙂


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