Every relationship is going to have its share of problems,
disagreements and arguments, but no matter how bad it gets,
DO NOT make decisions when you are in the midst of being mad.
Now I realize a NO does not mean the end of the world!
That moment of madness, hatred, pain, anger, hurt, gives way to EGO. Wait till the angst in you settles to make a decision.
No matter if it gets late, but see that you do not settle for OK without completing your thought process (it just means leave me alone at least now) or not sure.
People will crowd you with queries, fury and everything there is to cause you only more fear. If someone is truly waiting for your decision, they will only leave you alone but not cloud you with insecure thoughts. To put their insecure thoughts on you might look like a way to clear their mind, but they would not realize your situation or what you want or how you are not able to tell them what you want and your pain at that moment. Its not the other person’s mistake either, its just silence can make you/all think better and accepting that helps a lot.
Deciding a NO will take shorter time – if only your decision is required but will take quite sometime if many others are involved and more of convincing is required, because, like someone famous said, “If there’s nothing then there’s really nothing”, its that simple, but how complicated can our thinking get?
But explaining that NO to the rest of the world is going to take all your life. So what should be done?
Stop explaining and start living your life the way you want to.
You are not thinking straight. All you see is the red in your eyes and the hurt and pain you may be going through at that moment. Wait till you calm down and you have a chance to

either talk to someone or just pray about the situation.
Well, talking with someone can definitely calm you but whom you talk to really matters. When you really feel like talking, talk to a person who can answer your questions and doubts rather than convince you without listening to you. Talk to a person who can make you realize your thoughts rather than put or slash you down and your thinking.

When in doubt, Pray.

Because some are brought up in a way, so that they think/believe GOD is their best friend and they can talk and fight with GOD whenever they want and however they want. Because they somehow know that GOD wont leave them like their friends or others who could leave you if they don’t like you or for other reasons.
So, the GOD who gave you that situation of pain is only truly making you realize what you’re missing in Life or what you have missed in Life or what you are about to miss in Life. Enjoy the Pain as it makes us realize about the people around us and about us. If you need something, you have to fight for it. First, a fight with yourself to believe your idea and secondly when the rest of the world is going to put you down and say NO!

Once you are now thinking straight, then you can make a wise decision based on thought and facts, not because you were mad.
People might call you stupid or senseless based on each one’s values. But what matters to you is your values. The ones you’ve been holding for so long. The ones you’ve guarded and protected irrespective of the situation and people. To each, his/her own. So, people who call you mad today might call you genius tomorrow. People who say they like something today, might say they don’t like it tomorrow. So learning to accept your limitations is very important as it helps you decide knowing yourself much better and releases and relaxes you and does not pull you down the drain. If it has already, then you would have known its your limitation and accepting it and changing it will definitely help in removing it in the long run as well.
It is not going to happen overnight, but believe it will happen someday when you know you are ready.
Do not see EGO to change a decision.  Just because you said OK or Yes, does not mean you cant go and change it to NO, even when you know its a NO and vice-versa.
Always remember, many decisions that have been made by people
when they were mad have resulted in 10 times more pain and regret than the situation that got them mad in the first place. Don’t be one of them.
If you are already here, its OK. You still have a chance, keep that in your mind. And make the best use of that.
Cry, cry till you think everything will be OK, then you will know, only if you do something, will everything be OK. That is when you will start to slowly accept things and then take a step forward. The joy of accepting certain thoughts and believing yourself will definitely give you a boost and let you see things in a better way.

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