Heartiest wishes!

Birthday wishes to my twin soul who is making me live this life.

“What God has joined together let no man part”

The moment I found your birthday, I thought it was going to be a difficult journey,
The moment I heard you speak, I thought the scorpion stings are going to be hard to deal with,
The moment our first conversation started, I thought it was going to end earlier than our guess,
The moment I cut the call, I knew there was something about us, that churns my insides!

The moment we argued about love and infatuation, we knew we had some expectations about our personal lives,
Arguments about anything and everything came up, but to smooth up the conversation and let go at some point, it was always you,
Every time I poke you, you silently take it with a smile or a sarcastic comment,
Then comes another anger tide in me, but how you calm me, still I don’t know,
The moment of bets we kept and how you still haven’t completed it makes me want to kick you even now,

The moments you sidelined me, I can never forget,
The moments you screwed up my day, I can never forget,
Still, you gave me moments that brightened my day and pulled me out of the dumps, I can never forget these too, 😉
To laugh about each others expectations and constantly pull down each other, now it looks like child play to me,
I was lost at sea, trying to recoup myself, not once accepting your help, i was stinging you too, still you brought back the long lost liveliness in me,
I dint want void hitting me again, I was being extra careful with you, but you hit it really hard this time, but I never once knew you would still be waiting to bring back the sunken me to take a deeper breath this time, but its taking longer this time, smaller lungs adjust with me 😉
The moments I thought I should stay away from you, there I was already waiting to wrap you with my first wish for the day,
The moments we couldn’t let go are the best so far and lets hope and pray to God for us to grow with many more in the coming years! 🙂

We’ve seen all 4 seasons, the best and the worst being summer so far! 🙂
Waiting for more of the fights and cuddles to make things worse and best for both! 🙂

Wishing you a very happy birthday this year! 🙂

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