I Started Reading More Books.. How, Why?

I’ve always wanted to read more, but found it almost impossible to do so over the last few years. Whenever I set reading targets, I have noticed often I have failed completing it. There was this feeling of incompleteness that I will never be able to read as much as I would like to, ever.

I have noticed that only when I pick a book something comes to my mind or someone comes. I’ve always thought that one must find the peace to sit down with a book. However, that’s not the case in today’s time. It could be the constant ringing of the phone or just life as it happens everyday.

Often, when I pick a book there’d be someone who would come over to talk with me. They’d hardly stop even as I try to hold the book in my hand to indicate that I am actually reading. And, finally when I have no choice but to close the book and put it down, that look on their face like they’ve achieved something great. The look that says, after all you were doing something boring, it’s definitely not better than what I am going to tell you. That’s the pain of living with other people who don’t read or prefer talking to reading. Not conversing, but talking.

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Being a mum, I am learning that, there’s no best time or place to read a book. Everywhere is a good place, just like any time is a good time to read a book. That’s when I was gifted Kindle. It brought in so much peace in my reading life. While my daughter naps or when the whole house is asleep, there I’d be in my own world reading a book.

In the middle of the night with light on my face I’d be deeply immersed in a book. However, when the husband turns around or wakes up, he says that I look completely relaxed only then. Though at other times, he has made fun saying that I used to look like I was falling in love (ghost!). Oh, yes, that’s how you look when you are in love with stories/words, don’t we? Well, he has got used to it over time.

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As much as I’d love to set a reading target and achieve it, I feel it’s too rough on me. It’s not like that adrenaline rush isn’t there anymore to achieve targets. It’s just that I am more into reading for pleasure now, than ever and only when I could. As long as I am able to do it, I am glad. I’ve stopped forcing myself to pick a book just because of social media pressure (that I put myself into).

Reading More Books

My TBR was just growing because I tried to run and find books that were being posted by many accounts I followed. Not that any of them asked me to read what they posted. It was just me trying to be on the same page with the rest of the globe. Instead, I started reading what I could find in my capacity.

I might stay in UK just for a few years, buying too many books and shipping them back home isn’t a great choice, at the moment. I buy books, but I buy those like I am on a tight budget. Post-COVID, (Covid is not even a word!) I managed to register at my local library. My husband lends a hand with books from his office library. The money always go to charity so I make-do with those choices.

I’ve loved the Facebook groups and the number of charity shops here that allows me to buy those books. I am trying to detach myself from hoarding books. So, this has helped me look into second hand books. It’s just me. Every time I visit pit stops during our trips, I’ve stopped by to take a look at books and at least pick one or two I would never find in the shelves of many bookshops.

This has helped me find a variety of authors and different subjects. There’s a lot of local authors and reading about the lifestyle here is definitely a different experience. Plus, I could always give those books back without trying to get attached to them. I buy only those which I think I might love to read again in the years to come.

Reading with my Little One

Even though we started late, I love that we make the time to read. Almost every night, I read her two or three short stories from Prime Reading. If not that, then we read one of the books from the bookshelf or the one from the library, the choices are many. As important as the story, it’s the way we read it together that makes it all the more special. She either sits on my lap as I read or cuddles up next to me on my arms as I read. It’s more like a bonding time as well.

A lot of children books interest me nowadays. My prime purchases have been on that front. Every book is new to me and we read a lot. Thanks to my daughter who loves stories and nowadays I enjoy reading them even for more than 5 times in a row. Mainly because I understand that she is trying to memorize the story. I found it when I made mistakes while reading and it amazed me. A child’s ability to remember things is something I’d like to pick up too.

I can go on about reading with kid(s). We get a book a week to read at home, from her school. Apart from the weekly read at home books, they could pick one from the library once in a fortnight. She loves the experiences and I am curious about her choices. (Yes, there’s a book on potty or poop coming in every now and then).

I don’t really know how much this going to help her, but it does a great deal to me. I wondered why I never explored children books. We could have read this in our early schooling days. However, I don’t remember much. Truly, I cherish these reading moments with my daughter and above all, I love these books and how wild can one’s imagination go. How my daughter understands a book and how I understand a book is different. It’s true that I had many limitations while she opened up many arenas of creativity for me.

When I find a Quick Read.. I grab it

When it comes to my reading, I find quick reads a real blessing. Without second thoughts, I grab them. I could finish them either in one go or in a span of two or three days. This really made me happy as a reader. This gave me such a big relief and it was honestly not about targets like the number of pages or number of books I managed to read over time. Truly, it was the different subjects that opened up for me.

Also, my recent ways to read is now so varied. After my story time with my daughter, I tell her that I am sleepy and sneak under covers and read. (sometimes) At other times, if she’s fast asleep on my arm, I use that time to read a bit. Interacting about books with friends has helped read and talk about books.

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Making Better Choices

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve side-tracked reading too much. The answer is Yes because it’s like confrontation sometimes. You have some part of you that you are not ready to deal with and you don’t want to deal with it anytime soon. Now, I’m not sure I’m ready, but I find that reading has helped me to open up to myself and my feelings. It’s more like talking to myself and dealing with things. Owning up to my own-self.

Even I’ve wondered why I started reading a lot, then figured the answer. This is one of the prime reasons because I realized I am not a good conversationalist. Or, at least I am not up-to-date with people stuff. I am so outdated, and I lag much on people updates in general. Most times, the words are manipulated and I am finding it difficult to explain and make people understand that’s not what I meant. So, I’ve chosen to zip it and spend time reading than explaining myself in places that’s not needed.

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I don’t want to compare my reading to anyone here, who’s doing amazing stuff. It’s just my thoughts on my reading and how I feel it has improved over years. How much there is to read and try to not be overwhelmed by it or drained by the thoughts, but instead Just take the time read. If there’s one thing I want to continue doing for the years to come, Read More Books.

I noticed there’s very less that I’ve written about how books has made me feel, the last was my pact in 2020. That feels like ancient times now, though I think the pact still holds true in many ways! 🙂

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  1. I’ve been reading for a little over three decades now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. My partner understands my love for books even though he’s not an avid reader. I can still discuss everything I read with him. Unfortunately, some of my close friends are non-readers and that’s fine. Not everyone understands the magic of books or has the interest for it.

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