The power of No

At times, I get a weird feeling and stop doing what I love to do.

When does what we love to do become just another task?
When does what we love to do causes immense pressure when we think about doing it?

Why can’t we continue doing few things even when we get paid well for it?
Why does it build up so much pressure when we think about it?
Why I give excuses sometime?

Why can’t I just say a No and walk out?
Why do I commit to things due to emotions?

I understand why emotions control people,
It ain’t easy to break this cycle,
What’s required is awareness and the power of the present moment,
It’s not happiness that teaches me the value of the present moment,
It’s pain and stress that reaches me deep to teach me something.

The moment I put pressure on myself,
I happily put trouble to others too,
Without understanding I am traveling the wrong path,
The moment I remove the pressure from myself,
I can see what I have been doing for so long!



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