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The Thought of Writing on a Sick Day

I wanted to write yesterday. Somehow I’ve started to like my routine of posting every Tuesday. Either I prepare ahead for Tuesday or write something on Tuesday. Yesterday even with severe headache, cough and cold, almost all symptoms of a flu keeping me in bed, my mind was clouded with words. Words that wanted to be shared. I was amazed at the feeling and realized writing is therapeutic.

Even after feeling all that inside, I didn’t put it down on paper. Mind you, I wasn’t able to sit much, my head was pounding, I was in bed for most of the day. I’m not the one to get frequent headaches, so when I get one, it’s like paying for it all together. I’m thinking to find more on headaches. Some pressure points which could help with healing a headache and stuffs like that. If you know any, kindly share, I’d be happy to note them down.

Actually, I wanted to write about detangling chime strings this week. Somehow I am far away from that topic at the moment. When you have a little girl with you all the time, she becomes prone to some infections too. Yes, Ilakkiya had flu too. I’m not guilty about giving her a cold, it is natural that when a mother falls sick, her little one does too. Especially when she sticks with you all the time. Especially when she sees me lying down at odd times and wonders how could I do this without her. She wants to be a part of everything I do, that’s one reason I want to put her in a play school soon. 😁 Go find your tribe kinda feeling.

I wanted to be here this week, not for the routine of it, not for the sake of it. I wanted to write because it makes me feel light, it gives me a better feeling. Now that I am away from most social media platforms, I don’t use my phone much. Writing just gives me a chance to make better use of my time, work on my thoughts and all about me in general. Aren’t we all working on something or the other all the time? It gives me hope that I will get better soon and function again.

How I hate to lie down and request/demand things? The value of independence is best understood when we fall sick. Lucky enough to have people do things for you, but the feeling to not depend on others for anything takes time to settle when we are sick. When we come to terms with it, we recover. I am yet to come to terms with it for myself and for others.

I’m looking forward to writing about detangling the chime strings next week. Until then, Stay safe and warm this flu season.

Jayanthy Govindarajan

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The body needs what it needs. Take care & focus on recovery. I will wait for the detangling chime strings post.

Jayanthy G

Thank you for dropping by Damayanti. It is true. I am focusing on recovering soon.


Ah you need to rest in plenty and keep warm. Sip hot soups and ginger tea to soothe away the flu. Glad to see you still had the writing spirit and was able to dish out a post. Take care and get well soon!

Jayanthy G

Thanks a lot Shalz. I am so much better today. Just missing the sleep. I drink the turmeric milk at night. That’s a soothing concoction. Otherwise,. I’m so much better since two days.


Oops, I hope you feel better soon Jay!


I read that pressing the center of big toe relieves headache according to Reflexology. I do a couple of massages for muscle relief but haven’t done this yet. So you can let me know if it works. You can find tutorials on Youtube as well. Hope you and your daughter get better soon. 🙂