#WednesdayVerses: My Blessing In Disguise

Though times have changed,
The memories we created remain unchanged,
We have learnt to be together,
Even during the bad weather. 
As we sipped our cup of tea,
Our memories started floating free,
Laughter slowly filled the hall,
As we started sharing it all.
We learned to be with each other,
We always have one another,
To share our little secrets,
As well as our life’s regrets.
Just upon your arrival,
I thought you were my rival,
You changed me with your love,
For which I am thankful to the lord above.
We fought so much
We never thought we’d even stay in touch,
The day I was transferred to another state,
I learnt you are my soul mate.
My First Little Girl, My Inspiration,
My First Daughter, My Sweet Pride,
My Second mother at times,
My Best Friend Forever.
Our lives are so different,
Yet we have so much to talk,
A day isn’t enough,
To get all our stuff out.
We are best friends now,
We laugh at our days before,
In each other we will always confide,
For we have nothing at all to hide.
The best gift my parents ever gave me,
Is this bundle of joy,
I call as my sister,
A blessing in disguise that I never want to miss her.
Joining Vinay and Reema for #WednesdayVerses.

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  1. You are a fantastic writer Priya. I admire you in my own way. Lovely poem and ur write ups are mesmerising. Thank you for giving a smile on my face while reading ur poem😊

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