How Vitamin E Changed Me from Being Simply Pimply?

I am excited to write this blog post for #Evion via #Indiblogger. It definitely took me back to memories. This post will help people who have tasted life at its worst with acne. I share how Vitamin E helped cure my acne problem when so many other treatments failed. If one had to describe me to some other person, the first thing to notice would be my acne and the scars. This journey helped in rediscovering me. 

How it All Started?

Right from my high school days, I suffered from severe acne. My parents had spent half their earnings in treating my acne. Before a decade and a half, a visit to a dermatologist was a costly affair. I took my father’s Genes at least when it came to skin problems. My father and my aunt had severe acne with very little treatment leading to acne scars. However, when I had the same, my father suggested I visit a dermatologist and get it treated sooner.

I had visited many dermatologists and took medications as suggested for a couple of years. I faced severe stomach problems due to the prescribed medications. My actual problem wasn’t really resolved. Most of them suggested I use the prescribed soaps, creams and tablets for the rest of my life to keep my acne in control. Simply put, they had no idea what was causing it, but only provided medications to suppress. After a bout of severe stomach issues, I let go of the idea of visiting doctors for my acne. I never bothered about my acne either. Every once in a while when I get a severe breakout, I would worry immensely about it and console myself that I must learn to live with it.

When I joined college, I felt embarrassed about my acne. Though I felt low on confidence when it comes to looks, I never compromised on my studies. I managed to keep a low profile. I never felt confident. Wherever I went, people always questioned me about my acne. I hated visiting shops as the store girls always approached me with creams to treat my acne. I had tried every traditional treatment. Turmeric, Neem, Tulsi or Chickpeas powder. Nothing helped.

How The Internet Helped Me Resolve My Problem?

Thanks to YouTube and many Lifestyle and fashion bloggers. There were remedies flooding the Internet that I didn’t know what to choose initially. The two simple yet most important steps that changed my outlook on acne and life.

Finding My Super Foods:

Yes, I had to find them. I consumed foods liberally. Oily, spicy and junk were my top preferences always. I never really bothered about other options that existed. When I decided to work on myself, I really had to change my entire lifestyle. The first change was the most difficult ever, Leaving my comfort food.

Firstly, I had to include foods rich in Vitamin E. They were rich in antioxidants and the first ray of hope to reduce my skin inflammation. Applying the oil helped soothe my highly irritated skin. 

Almond made its way to the top of my list. Wherever I went, I always carried a small box of almonds with me. I have 5 almonds every day. I followed the same routine throughout my pregnancy and now after delivery too. It is almost a decade since I follow this and I can vouch for the changes in the texture of my skin.

I have heard my mother and grandmother advising me to soak them overnight. I do them every once in a while when I remember. Otherwise, my best evening snack with tea is a cup of almonds roasted in ghee, nice and crisp.

Some friends suggested I take almond milk. Soak the almonds overnight, peel the skin (or you can leave it as it is), grind it in the Mixer and drain the milk. If I remember right, I tried it only a couple of times. That was a little tedious for me, so I always include almond paste in my cuisines.

I did my research and found that Vitamin E was present in some of the foods I preferred. I love peanuts, hazelnuts and sweet potatoes. I was introduced to Avocados at work. I preferred the smoothie. I take a bowl of spinach at least 3 to 4 times a week.

How Evion  400 Helped Cure my Acne?

A family friend suggested Evion 400 capsules. Initially, I wasn’t ready to take them orally. I was worried if they would cause any side-effects. I used them in my face masks, hair masks and body massages. The only time I did not use the capsules are during my pregnancy. Instead I used its alternatives. Olive oil massages to cope up with my dry skin and scalp. 

Here’s a list of my home made remedies with #Evion Capsules:

1. Hair Mask:

Open three capsule(long hair) and pour the oil in a bowl. Add Coconut / Olive oil for regular massages before hair wash. Double boil the contents before use. You can either use a cotton ball and massage the oil on your hair or just use your finger tips to gently massage the oil into your hair. If you prefer to use Almond or castor oil, the choice is yours. It works best with these four oils.

  • It helps cure dandruff. 
  • It is the simplest and the easiest method to glowing and bouncy hair. 
  • It helps calm frizzy hair
  • It works best on dull hair and gives it a glow on regular use.
  • It helps remove split ends.

2. Face Mask:

I don’t use makeup since most brands irritate my skin. They aggravate it and cause breakouts. However, I had to visit a couple of parlors for a trial makeup before my wedding reception. During those times, I used Vitamin E Capsules as a cleanser along with Almond oil. Dab this combination on a piece of cotton and slowly remove the grime. It did not irritate my skin and did its job perfectly. 

For Acne Scars:

Wash your face before applying any mask. I use few drops of Vitamin E oil with Raktachandhan (Red Sandalwood powder) powder and make it into a paste. Just rub the paste on the scars. Let it sit there for half an hour to an hour before washing it with cold water. 

For Pimples:

A pinch of Sandalwood powder + Turmeric Powder + Few drops of Vitamin E oil. Apply this combination on the pimples. Let it sit there for 10 to 15 minutes before you splash the water on your face. 

3. Massage it 

One of the best ways to save the skin during drying winters is by applying Vitamin E + Coconut oil after bath. Using it as a natural moisturizer helps prevent excessive dryness. 

The Actual Cause of My Acne

Slowly, with changes, I also identified the causes for my acne. The top most reason was my fluctuating hormone levels. My skin is sensitive as well as oily. Most doctors suggested drying out my skin and moisturizing it externally. This over dried my skin thereby hitting high on the sensitivity scale and also secreting more oil than usual to compromise the loss. My facial skin used to turn pink when I walked under the sun. The excess oil blocked my pores and lead to breakouts. 

By now, you must have got an idea of how Vitamin E helps nourish our skin. You can also try Evion Supplements for your recipes. If you love to try any recipes mentioned here, please feel free to use them. However, check if you are allergic to Vitamin E oil before using it. Please feel free to share your experiences with Vitamin E oil with me. I would love to follow new remedies.

How will Vitamin E masks help your skin? Let me know.

This post is written for the Evion  – My Vitamin E Mantra contest on Indiblogger. Please feel free to share your views here.

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  3. I too face similar issues! Acne has always been a cause of worry for me. I have never tried any Vitamin E remedies. Maybe I must try them. Thanks for sharing many remedies here.

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