#WednesdayVerses: That Calming Effect

It isn’t easy to stay silent,
Amidst chaos,
Inside as well as out,
But, I have no choice.

Anger rising slowly,
As I hold it all in that deep breath,
Waiting to let it go,
But all I do is push it aside.

Words can be wronged,
It’s the same with feelings,
When you let them out to those who don’t understand,
It does not hold any value.

Tears make more sense,
Those who don’t understand today,
Will know someday,
That I don’t have anything more to say!

It’s better to let it go,
Than to make others see your point,
Which some never understand,
Until they bother to listen.

As I realize this,
A sense of calm enters me,
Tells me that I have me,
The best company!

Prompt: Calm

Joining Vinay and Reema for #WednesdayVerses.

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