WTFOW5: Day 4: A World Like That

This poem is dedicated to Saving Sould

What would have happened?

If I was ever told as a kid that 

books were only for the rich?

If every penny I stealthily hid only to buy books 

when everyone else needed food to survive?

To the reader in me*, 
if there were no free books?

To the writer in me, 

if only I had not read and framed everything 
with the best companion, 
the books I read in the library, 
my first place where I learnt to sit and think!

To the power of imagination in me, 
if I had not sat down and read various genres?
To the creator in me, 
If I had not spent hours after hours 

in the libraries

feeling secure about my thoughts 
and continued to write?

To the viewer in me who is excited 
to read and find similarities and enjoy the flow of writing, 

To all the times when I had no hope that 

I could ever keep a step forward in my life 
and there was a book that God showed me 
as a path and the courage to keep that step forward?
To all the thoughts and ideas,
 had I not written and shared with all people I know 
also helped me know myself better than ever!
To all the souls who have found solace in the books?

To the world around me, 

which I have learnt to view from every perspective 
with the help of books.

To the explorer in me, 
if there were no libraries which was more like talking to God 
and enjoying the conversations,
To the soul searcher in me, 
whose repeated thoughts of negativity hindered the flow within me, 
courage, strength and motivation is what 

I got from books

and pushed me forward!

To the ability to see the positive side 
in most critical situations 
and how I learned to analyze situations?

To all the knowledge in me from learning?
The way of Life it has taught me?

To my long stares at the shelves of the school library 

to know what genre means and 
why everything follows a particular order!

To be with my best companion 
without any restrictions,
If I had no way to express all that I learnt?
To the dreamer in me, who has always hoped for the best 
and understood that struggle is necessary 
to achieve the goals of our life!

To the merriment it brings 
to be one with the books 
and took us back to the 
once lived generations,

To know right from wrong,

To even know the laws you guys frame now!


Closing libraries means demolishing future growth and generations,
Closing libraries is slaving the future and getting closer to doomsday,
Our history is from the books we have seen! 
Our present is with the dreams we dream and our future lies in the fulfilled dreams!

There is no past, present or future without books!
This will bring a revolution that people keen on closing libraries will have to face!
Trying to kill people is war, but trying to kill the thirst for knowledge is equivalent to committing a sin to every single being on this earth, that never has moksha!

Me* here indicates the multiple personalities in each human being which has helped human stay sane for years and generations!

This is for Lynn Rosen and WTFOW #5

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6 Comments on “WTFOW5: Day 4: A World Like That”

  1. I love the quote by Eleanor Crumblehulme. I don't know what I'd do in a world without books. The bookworm shudders contemplating that question. I hope that never happens.

  2. You have expressed your angst so beautifully Jayanthy! A world without books is indeed a poor one! It's virtually depriving one of his fundamental rights!

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