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WTFOW5: Day #5: Will I Quit Forever?


What’s a big mistake you made? What did you learn from it?

Pain is deep rooted in my heart,
Every step forward is difficult to take,
Problem after problem without solution,
I am in the middle of nowhere,
Is this life worth living?
I quit! 

Pain is the only word I have known,
Where is happiness in this life?
Don’t I deserve it ever in this life?
Is this life worth living?
I quit!

I am not able to make both ends meet,
I fight everyday with my wife over money and status,
It’s ages since I laughed or smiled with my kids,
I can’t share what I feel or how I feel,
My feeling of worthlessness increases day by day even after working 9 hours a day,
Is this life worth living?
I quit!

Every side I turn I have debt,
Every work I attempt, ends in failure,
Is my presence in this earth a burden to all?
Is this life worth living?
I quit!

As the rope fails me while attempting suicide,
I look up to god and ask, won’t you let me die too?
I can see my family surrounded by me crying and shouting for me to wake up,
Had I been worthless would they have cried?
Had I been a burden wouldn’t they let me be?
What have I done?

Waking up from death bed isn’t the easiest task,
But that’s the farthest I could go,
I have made up my mind, in god I trust!
I decided to live which is tougher than death!

DEDICATION to all those who choose to live life after facing death before their eyes.
God wants you to live. 
Make a promise to God not to choose death during difficult times.

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Kala Ravi

That was awake up call to reawaken the passion for life. Strong words, beautifully put together!


Thanks a lot Kala! 🙂

Darshana Suresh

Difficulties are meant for us to face and learn from, death is never a solution. Poignant and touching. Love the poem!

Rajeev Moothedath

Your poetry is good but a tad long…

Farhan Javid

Wonderful lines jay !!