A week gone by

Its already a week since the start of this new year!
This is my 2nd new year celebration after shifting to this new place!
Somehow I’m adapting to this place.
But deep inside I’m missing my very own place!
The place I lived for the last 23 years!
The place I’ve known since day 1!
Change is inevitable they say!
So this year I am going to enjoy my moments here in this place!
Hey you are not going to be new anymore! :]
Cherish them and add them to my memoirs of the already existing ones! 🙂

Also, about the resolutions I thought of writing one in each post! 🙂

Resolution #1: Keep in touch with my friends regularly!

I started it on the eve of New year! 😀
Not bad, everything seems nice and refreshing in the initial days!
But truly came to know so much in this 1 week.

I’m definitely missing my phone and the contacts in it much more. I messaged a few of my friends and also spoke with a few. Fought with a few and teased a few. But couldn’t really sleep much that day. There was something blocking my mind for most of the night. 😐 Way to start the ‘Fresh’ year!

An expected call but YES it came very late!

Got a call from an unknown number on 1st Jan. I was trying to recollect the number, but no hopes.
So I answered the call only to find the voice very familiar. I was so happy to speak to Deee after ages! My friend, brother and mentor! Where was he so long? But great to talk to him on new year! Took time to fill each other with lots of stories and updates from each other’s life. That’s when it all hit me! And at that, very hard! 🙁
He met with an accident before a year and suffered a minor head injury. He dint bother much about it then, trusting his helmet! But he suffered from severe head aches for the next few months and finally fainted one day. That’s when he made up his mind to visit the doctor. Very soon he came to know that there was a blood clot and a very critical one and cannot be easily operated on. He was 45kgs when I last met him – when he came home to invite us for his marriage. Even then, my father had warned him to drive home safe. Deja vu!
My evening was totally changed!
He is just 36kgs now. I can’t even imagine how weak he is now. The high dosages and regular scans are making him so damn weak. For all that he is going through now, I can just ask for one thing, God, please o please help him!

We owe you lots!
What more should I say!
College days and bus moments were more amazing because of you bhai!
You’re casual manner and down to earth behavior has helped us learn much.
You were not just a brother but an excellent mentor.
A guide, a protector, a sensible person!
We are sincere admirers of your carefree attitude!

God, help him handle all the pains he is going through.
God, give his family the strength to put up with his tantrums now and then and vice-versa.
I don’t know how to align my prayer!
All I can ask you is to give him back to us in One Piece!

All we can say is Just take care bhai!

do'er duck, perseverance, character education, character ed, duck, i know you can, never give up

Sincere prayers for you from
and Me!

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