Courage vs Comfort #writebravely

Comfort vs Courage

Comfort is not as it seems,
You live in your dreams,
Sitting and making schemes,
Smiling at the consequences of extremes.
It is easier to sway,
When the world is before you in a tray,
Not an inch you will move away,
And in the end you will not be gay.
Courage is a tough process,
But it will take away your distress,
Lets you develop great finesse,
Right after you are ready to confess.
It is a quality difficult to manifest,
It let’s you do your best,
You will definitely feel blessed,
For moving out of your nest.
We have all been there. Comfort was our first choice for everything. I have been there. I even stick to comfort foods. Our choices when we stick to comfort can be very limited and even deadly sometimes. The decisions taken in comfort might be hasty. One needs courage to face their own decisions. That’s when we move from comfort to courage. We also understand we can’t have both which is good when it comes to this.
 What do you think about comfort and courage? Write to me in my comments ?
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17 Comments on “Courage vs Comfort #writebravely”

  1. Couldn't agree anymore Jayanthy! Your few beautiful lines are so true. Nothing is as dreamy & perfect as we picture from comfort. But courage is the metal that makes us grow.

  2. Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone is not easy but it does us a world of good. So yes, we must have the courage to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, for that will truly help us to learn and grow.

  3. Comfort is good, but it is courage that can make us achieve what we dream of. Stepping out of comfort zones is tough but that's the only way ahead.

  4. Comfort is like letting the money lie idle in the bank account and courage is like investing in shares ! No great results are ever obtained in safe heavens.
    Good read!
    -Anagha from Team MocktailMommies

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